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September 11 Memorial: Remembering the victims who died at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania

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Donald McArthur Young

Age: 41

Hometown: Roanoke, Va., USA

Occupation: Chief information systems technician, U.S. Navy

Location: Ground, Pentagon

“Every time he went on a ship he collected a [Navy] hat. He also got one every time he had shore duty. They had great sentimental value to him because he was going to retire in a year or two, after 24 years. With the hats he could look back on his naval career and see where he had been and what he had done. ... He died doing what he loved.” -- Felicia Young, wife


Chief Petty Officer Donald McArthur Young, 41, an information systems technician, spent much of his 21-year naval career at sea. After his initial training, he launched on the minesweeper Illusive for four years. After two years on shore in Norfolk, he hit the seas on the frigate McCandless in May 1987 for 18 months. Shortly after returning, he was on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy for more than two years, ending in July 1991.

Five years later, Young was again on the open water on the Briscoe, a destroyer, followed by a two-year tour on the Bataan, an amphibious assault ship. Young, a Roanoke native who lived in Arlington, joined the office of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington in September 2000.

Source: The Washington Post, AP and

Source: The Washington Post, AP and

The profiles in this feature were written in the months following Sept. 11, 2001.

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A day after the 9/11 attacks a makeshift memorial was created on the Arlington Memorial Cemetery fence. Seven years later, the first 9/11 memorial is opening.

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