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September 11 Memorial: Remembering the victims who died at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania

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Dong Chul Lee

Age: 48

Hometown: Leesburg, Va., USA

Occupation: Engineer, Boeing Co.

Location: Passenger, American Flight 77, Pentagon


When Leesburg resident and Boeing engineer Dong C. Lee, 48, went on business trips, he usually flew United Airlines to Seattle.

When he boarded a plane at 7 a.m. Tuesday, "he said, 'I love you,' and he hugged me.

"I said, 'I love you' " -- as usual, recalled his wife, Jungmi, 42. "But this time, I said, 'I'll miss you. Be careful,' " she said, lifting her arms to reenact the moment, sobbing and hugging the air.

She didn't think much about his departure -- after all, he would be home in two days. A couple of hours later, after sending her three children off to school and doing some gardening, she called a friend, who told her to turn on the television.

Jungmi panicked. She called a secretary at her husband's office, who told her that Dong had been booked on American Airlines Flight 77. She called the airline's emergency number but kept getting put on hold. Frustrated, she called relatives to come over. Soon, TV news broadcasters confirmed that Flight 77 had crashed at the Pentagon.

Yesterday, she repeated the words of a psalm that was framed and hung on the wall by her front door: "As for me and my home we will serve the Lord," she sang softly, then wept and turned away.

The rest of the psalm said: "If you make most High your dwelling, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent."

-- Ian Shapira

Source: The Washington Post, AP and

The profiles in this feature were written in the months following Sept. 11, 2001.

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A day after the 9/11 attacks a makeshift memorial was created on the Arlington Memorial Cemetery fence. Seven years later, the first 9/11 memorial is opening.

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