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September 11 Memorial: Remembering the victims who died at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania

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Leonard E. Taylor

Age: 44

Hometown: Reston, Va., USA

Occupation: Technical group manager, XonTech Inc.

Location: Passenger, American Flight 77, Pentagon


"There's a book--'Love You Forever,' by Robert Munsch. It's a sweet little poem about a mom, her baby. She's dying, goes into the sunset. My husband used to say this poem every night to my girls: 'As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.' My youngest daughter, who is 6, used to love that poem. After he died, I tried to read it to her and her sister. The book, for the children and me, is where the heart is." --Karyn Taylor, wife


Leonard Taylor, 45, a group technical manager for XonTech Inc. in Rosslyn, was a hockey buff and an avid biker who sometimes rode the 21 miles from his home in Reston to his office.

Lenny, as he was known to friends and relatives, was health conscious "but didn't make an issue of it," said Bob D'Alessandro, branch office manager of XonTech, the defense research and development firm Taylor joined in 1979.

He died Tuesday aboard American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon. He had been traveling on business with colleague John Sammartino, 37, of Annandale.

"As you might expect, this sort of thing is a real shock," said his father, Raymond Taylor, 71, a retired scientist.

Taylor also is survived by his wife, Karen, 34, and two daughters, Jessica, 8, and Colette, 5.

-- Steven Gray

Source: The Washington Post, AP and

The profiles in this feature were written in the months following Sept. 11, 2001.

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A day after the 9/11 attacks a makeshift memorial was created on the Arlington Memorial Cemetery fence. Seven years later, the first 9/11 memorial is opening.

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