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Yes: 97, No: 1, Not voting: 2
March 14, 1991

S 578 (Vote 30)

Final Passage - S.578; Department of Defense Desert Storm Supplemental Authorization and Military Personnel Benefits Act for Fiscal Year 1991

Yes: 98, No: 0, Not voting: 2
March 14, 1991

S 578 (Vote 29)

Mitchell Amdt.No. 36; To express the sense of the Senate that none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by any provision of law may be obligated or expended for the purpose of rebuilding Iraq while Saddam Hussein remains in power in Iraq.

Yes: 0, No: 98, Not voting: 2
March 14, 1991

S 578 (Vote 28)

Motion To Table Helms Amdt. No. 35; To assure that U.S. tax dollars are not used for the rebuilding of Iraq.

Yes: 97, No: 0, Not voting: 3
March 14, 1991

S RES 76 (Vote 27)

Final Passage - S.Res. 76; A resolution to encourage the President of the United States to confer with the sovereign state of Kuwait, countries of the coalition or the United Nations to establish an International Criminal Court or an International Military Tribunal to try and punish all individuals, including President Saddam Hussein, involved in the planning or execution of crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity as defined under international law.

Yes: 58, No: 38, Not voting: 4
March 14, 1991

S 578 (Vote 26)

Motion To Table Bumpers Amdt. No. 33; To authorize the Small Business Administration to provide financial and business development assistance to military reservists' small businesses. and for other purposes.

Yes: 69, No: 30, Not voting: 1
March 7, 1991

S 419 (Vote 25)

Final Passage S.419; Resolution Trust Corporation Funding Act of 1991

Yes: 99, No: 0, Not voting: 1
March 7, 1991

On the Nomination (Vote 24)

Madigan Nomination - DoA Secretary

Yes: 80, No: 19, Not voting: 1
March 6, 1991

S 419 (Vote 23)

Motion To Table S.Amdt. No. 14; To provide additional funds for the Resolution Trust Corporation, and additional funds on a dollar-for-dollar match for each dollar in cash dividends the Corporation receives from sales of assets currently in receivership.

Yes: 63, No: 37, Not voting: 0
March 6, 1991

S 419 (Vote 22)

Motion To Table Kerrey Amdt. No.25; To amend the Federal Home Loan Bank Act to restructure the Resolution Trust Corporation Oversight Board of Directors into a single governing entity.

Yes: 71, No: 28, Not voting: 1
March 6, 1991

S 419 (Vote 21)

MotionTo Table Harkin Amdt. No. 23; To decrease the amount of additional funding for the Resolution Trust Corporation, to require the President to submit certain recommendations to the Congress with any future requests, and for other purposes.