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February 04, 1993 | Vote 7

S 5

Yes 67
No 31
Present, Giving Live Pair 1

Not voting: 1

Answered present: 1

About this vote

On the Motion to Table

A bill to grant family and temporary medical leave under certain circumstances.

P Name State Vote
D Akaka Daniel Akaka HI Yes
D Baucus Max Baucus MT Yes
R Bennett Robert Bennett UT No
D Biden Joseph Biden DE Yes
D Bingaman Jesse Bingaman NM Yes
R Bond Christopher Bond MO Yes
D Boren David Boren OK Yes
D Boxer Barbara Boxer CA Yes
D Bradley William Bradley NJ Yes
D Breaux John Breaux LA Yes
R Brown George Brown CO No
D Bryan Richard Bryan NV Yes
D Bumpers Dale Bumpers AR Yes
R Burns Conrad Burns MT No
D Byrd Robert Byrd WV Yes
D Campbell Ben Campbell CO Yes
R Chafee John Chafee RI Yes
R Coats Daniel Coats IN Present, Giving Live Pair
R Cochran William Cochran MS No
R Cohen William Cohen ME Yes
D Conrad Kent Conrad ND Yes
R Coverdell Paul Coverdell GA No
R Craig Larry Craig ID No
R D’amato Alfonse D’amato NY Yes
R Danforth John Danforth MO Yes
D Daschle Thomas Daschle SD Yes
D DeConcini Dennis DeConcini AZ Yes
D Dodd Christopher Dodd CT Yes
R Dole Robert Dole KS No
R Domenici Pietro Domenici NM No
D Dorgan Byron Dorgan ND Yes
R Durenberger David Durenberger MN Yes
D Exon John Exon NE Yes
R Faircloth Duncan Faircloth NC No
D Feingold Russell Feingold WI Yes
D Feinstein Dianne Feinstein CA Yes
D Ford Wendell Ford KY Yes
D Glenn John Glenn OH Yes
R Gorton Thomas Gorton WA Yes
D Graham Daniel Graham FL Yes
R Gramm William Gramm TX No
R Grassley Charles Grassley IA No
R Gregg Judd Gregg NH No
D Harkin Thomas Harkin IA Yes
R Hatch Orrin Hatch UT No
R Hatfield Mark Hatfield OR No
D Heflin Howell Heflin AL Yes
R Helms Jesse Helms NC No
D Hollings Ernest Hollings SC Yes
D Inouye Daniel Inouye HI Yes
R Jeffords James Jeffords VT Yes
D Johnston John Johnston LA Yes
R Kassebaum Nancy Kassebaum KS No
R Kempthorne Dirk Kempthorne ID No
D Kennedy Edward Kennedy MA Yes
D Kerrey J. Kerrey NE Yes
D Kerry John Kerry MA Yes
D Kohl Herbert Kohl WI Yes
D Krueger Robert Krueger TX Yes
D Lautenberg Frank Lautenberg NJ Yes
D Leahy Patrick Leahy VT Yes
D Levin Carl Levin MI Yes
D Lieberman Joseph Lieberman CT Yes
R Lott Chester Lott MS No
R Lugar Richard Lugar IN No
R Mack Connie Mack FL No
D Mathews Harlan Mathews TN Yes
R McCain John McCain AZ No
R McConnell Addison McConnell KY No
D Metzenbaum Howard Metzenbaum OH Yes
D Mikulski Barbara Mikulski MD Yes
D Mitchell George Mitchell ME Yes
D Moseley Braun Carol Moseley Braun IL Yes
D Moynihan Daniel Moynihan NY Yes
R Murkowski Frank Murkowski AK No
D Murray Patty Murray WA Yes
R Nickles Donald Nickles OK No
D Nunn Samuel Nunn GA Yes
R Packwood Robert Packwood OR Yes
D Pell Claiborne Pell RI Yes
R Pressler Larry Pressler SD No
D Pryor David Pryor AR Yes
D Reid Harry Reid NV Yes
D Riegle Donald Riegle MI Yes
D Robb Charles Robb VA Yes
D Rockefeller John Rockefeller WV Yes
R Roth William Roth DE Yes
D Sarbanes Paul Sarbanes MD Yes
D Sasser James Sasser TN Yes
D Shelby Richard Shelby AL No
D Simon Paul Simon IL Yes
R Simpson Alan Simpson WY No
R Smith Robert Smith NH No
R Specter Arlen Specter PA Yes
R Stevens Theodore Stevens AK No
R Thurmond James Thurmond SC Not Voting
R Wallop Malcolm Wallop WY No
R Warner John Warner VA No
D Wellstone Paul Wellstone MN Yes
D Wofford Harris Wofford PA Yes