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Session 2

Yes: 74, No: 17, Not voting: 9
January 6, 1995

S 2 (Vote 3)

Motion to Table Wellstone Amdt. No. 5; To restrict political contributions by lobbyists.

Yes: 52, No: 39, Not voting: 9
January 5, 1995

S 2 (Vote 2)

Motion to Table Levin Amdt No. 3; To provide for the reform of the disclosure of lobbying activities intended to influence the Federal Government and for gift reform.

Yes: 76, No: 19, Not voting: 5
January 5, 1995

S RES 14 (Vote 1)

Motion to Table Harkin Amdt No. 1; To amend the Standing Rules of the Senate to permit cloture to be invoked by a decreasing majority vote of Senators down to a majority of all Senators duly chosen and sworn.