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Yes: 24, No: 69, Not voting: 7
April 10, 1997

S 104 (Vote 38)

bumpers amendment no. 33; To clarify Congressional intent with respect to enactment of this Act in response to DOE's inability to meet the January 31, 1998 contractual deadline to start disposing of spent nuclear fuel.

Yes: 60, No: 33, Not voting: 7
April 10, 1997

S 104 (Vote 37)

frist amendment no. 37; To provide that the President shall not designate the Oak Ridge Reservation in the State of Tennessee as a site for construction of an interim storage facility.

Yes: 72, No: 24, Not voting: 4
April 10, 1997

S 104 (Vote 36)

motion to table reid amendment no. 28, as modified;

Yes: 94, No: 5, Not voting: 1
March 20, 1997

H J RES 58 (Vote 35)

Coverdell amdt. no. 35; In the nature of a substitute.

Yes: 76, No: 23, Not voting: 1
March 19, 1997

On the Nomination (Vote 34)

merrick b. garland for u.s. circuit judge for the district of columbi

Yes: 58, No: 41, Not voting: 0
March 19, 1997

S J RES 23 (Vote 33)

motion to table s.j.res.23; A joint resolution expressing the sense of the Congress that the Attorney General should exercise her best professional judgement, without regard to political pressures, on whether to invoke the independent counsel process to investigate alleged criminal misconduct relating to any election campaign.

Yes: 55, No: 44, Not voting: 0
March 19, 1997

S J RES 22 (Vote 32)

s.j.res.22; A joint resolution to express the sense of the Congress concerning the application by the Attorney General for the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate allegations of illegal fundraising in the 1996 Presidential election campaign.

Yes: 38, No: 61, Not voting: 1
March 18, 1997

S J RES 18 (Vote 31)

s.j.res.18; A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections.

Yes: 99, No: 1, Not voting: 0
March 12, 1997

On the Nomination (Vote 30)

nomination of Federico pena to be secretary of energy

Yes: 99, No: 0, Not voting: 0
March 11, 1997

S RES 39 (Vote 29)

s.res.39 as amended; An original resolution authorizing expenditures by the Committee on Governmental Affairs.