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Yes: 60, No: 40, Not voting: 0
February 26, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 18)

motion to table boxer amdt no 16; To provide Federal assistance to supplement State and local efforts to alleviate the damage, loss, hardship and suffering caused by disasters or emergencies by exempting spending that is designated emergency requirements by both the President and the Congress.

Yes: 59, No: 41, Not voting: 0
February 26, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 17)

motion to table dorgan amdt no 17; To propose a substitute amendment.

Yes: 37, No: 63, Not voting: 0
February 26, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 16)

torricelli amdt no. 15; To permit limited waiver during economic emergencies and allow a capital budget.

Yes: 67, No: 33, Not voting: 0
February 26, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 15)

motion to table feinstein amdt no 11; In the nature of a substitute.

Yes: 55, No: 44, Not voting: 1
February 25, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 14)

motion to table reid amendment no. 8; To require that the outlay and receipt totals of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Funds not be included as a part of the budget totals.

Yes: 53, No: 46, Not voting: 1
February 25, 1997

H J RES 36 (Vote 13)

h.j.res.36; A joint resolution approving the Presidential finding that the limitation on obligations imposed by section 518A(a) of the Foreign Operations Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 1997, is having a negative impact on the proper functioning of the population planning program.

Yes: 61, No: 34, Not voting: 5
February 24, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 12)

motion to table byrd amdt no 6; To strike the reliance on estimates and receipts.

Yes: 83, No: 15, Not voting: 2
February 13, 1997

S RES 55 (Vote 11)

s.res.55; A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the need to address immediately the decline in milk prices.

Yes: 64, No: 36, Not voting: 0
February 12, 1997

S J RES 1 (Vote 10)

motion to table dodd amdt no. 4; To simplify the conditions for a declaration of an imminent and serious threat to national security.

Yes: 100, No: 0, Not voting: 0
February 11, 1997

On the Nomination (Vote 9)

Nomination of Bill Richardson To be Ambassador to the U.N.