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January 07, 2003 | Vote 2

Election of the Speaker

Hastert 227
Pelosi 202
Murtha 1

Not voting: 1

Answered present: 4

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Election of the Speaker

P Name State Vote
D Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie HI Pelosi
D Ackerman Gary Ackerman NY Pelosi
R Aderholt Robert Aderholt AL Hastert
R Akin William Akin MO Hastert
D Alexander Rodney Alexander LA Pelosi
D Allen Thomas Allen ME Pelosi
D Andrews Robert Andrews NJ Pelosi
D Baca Jose Baca CA Pelosi
R Bachus Spencer Bachus AL Hastert
D Baird Brian Baird WA Pelosi
R Baker Richard Baker LA Hastert
D Baldwin Tammy Baldwin WI Pelosi
D Ballance Frank Ballance NC Pelosi
R Ballenger Thomas Ballenger NC Hastert
R Barrett James Barrett SC Hastert
R Bartlett Roscoe Bartlett MD Hastert
R Barton Joe Barton TX Hastert
R Bass Charles Bass NH Hastert
R Beauprez Bob Beauprez CO Hastert
D Becerra Xavier Becerra CA Pelosi
D Bell Robert Bell TX Pelosi
R Bereuter Douglas Bereuter NE Hastert
D Berkley Rochelle Berkley NV Pelosi
D Berman Howard Berman CA Pelosi
D Berry Robert Berry AR Pelosi
R Biggert Judith Biggert IL Hastert
R Bilirakis Michael Bilirakis FL Hastert
R Bishop Robert Bishop UT Hastert
D Bishop Sanford Bishop GA Pelosi
D Bishop Timothy Bishop NY Pelosi
R Blackburn Marsha Blackburn TN Hastert
D Blumenauer Earl Blumenauer OR Pelosi
R Blunt Roy Blunt MO Hastert
R Boehlert Sherwood Boehlert NY Hastert
R Boehner John Boehner OH Hastert
R Bonilla Henry Bonilla TX Hastert
R Bonner Josiah Bonner AL Hastert
R Bono Mack Mary Bono Mack CA Hastert
R Boozman John Boozman AR Hastert
D Boswell Leonard Boswell IA Pelosi
D Boucher Frederick Boucher VA Pelosi
D Boyd F. Boyd FL Pelosi
R Bradley Joseph Bradley NH Hastert
R Brady Kevin Brady TX Hastert
D Brady Robert Brady PA Pelosi
D Brown Corrine Brown FL Pelosi
R Brown Henry Brown SC Hastert
D Brown Sherrod Brown OH Pelosi
R Brown-Waite Virginia Brown-Waite FL Pelosi
R Burgess Michael Burgess TX Hastert
R Burns O. Burns GA Hastert
R Burr Richard Burr NC Hastert
R Burton Danny Burton IN Hastert
R Buyer Stephen Buyer IN Hastert
R Calvert Kenneth Calvert CA Hastert
R Camp David Camp MI Hastert
R Cannon Christopher Cannon UT Hastert
R Cantor Eric Cantor VA Hastert
R Capito Shelley Capito WV Hastert
D Capps Lois Capps CA Pelosi
D Capuano Michael Capuano MA Pelosi
D Cardin Benjamin Cardin MD Pelosi
D Cardoza Dennis Cardoza CA Pelosi
D Carson Bradley Carson OK Pelosi
D Carson Julia Carson IN Pelosi
R Carter John Carter TX Hastert
D Case Edward Case HI Pelosi
R Castle Michael Castle DE Hastert
R Chabot Steven Chabot OH Hastert
R Chocola Joseph Chocola IN Hastert
D Clay William Clay MO Pelosi
D Clyburn James Clyburn SC Pelosi
R Coble John Coble NC Hastert
R Cole Thomas Cole OK Hastert
R Collins Michael Collins GA Hastert
R Combest Larry Combest TX Hastert
D Conyers John Conyers MI Pelosi
D Cooper James Cooper TN Pelosi
D Costello Jerry Costello IL Pelosi
R Cox Charles Cox CA Hastert
D Cramer Robert Cramer AL Pelosi
R Crane Philip Crane IL Hastert
R Crenshaw Ander Crenshaw FL Hastert
D Crowley Joseph Crowley NY Pelosi
R Cubin Barbara Cubin WY Hastert
R Culberson John Culberson TX Hastert
D Cummings Elijah Cummings MD Pelosi
R Cunningham Randall Cunningham CA Hastert
D Davis Artur Davis AL Pelosi
D Davis Daniel Davis IL Pelosi
D Davis James Davis FL Pelosi
R Davis Jo Ann Davis VA Hastert
D Davis Lincoln Davis TN Pelosi
D Davis Susan Davis CA Pelosi
R Davis Thomas Davis VA Hastert
R Deal John Deal GA Hastert
D DeFazio Peter DeFazio OR Pelosi
D DeGette Diana DeGette CO Pelosi
D Delahunt William Delahunt MA Pelosi
D DeLauro Rosa DeLauro CT Pelosi
R DeLay Thomas DeLay TX Hastert
R DeMint James DeMint SC Hastert
D Deutsch Peter Deutsch FL Pelosi
R Diaz-Balart Lincoln Diaz-Balart FL Hastert
R Diaz-Balart Mario Diaz-Balart FL Hastert
D Dicks Norman Dicks WA Pelosi
D Dingell John Dingell MI Pelosi
D Doggett Lloyd Doggett TX Pelosi
D Dooley Calvin Dooley CA Pelosi
R Doolittle John Doolittle CA Hastert
D Doyle Michael Doyle PA Pelosi
R Dreier David Dreier CA Hastert
R Duncan John Duncan TN Hastert
R Dunn Jennifer Dunn WA Hastert
D Edwards Thomas Edwards TX Pelosi
R Ehlers Vernon Ehlers MI Hastert
D Emanuel Rahm Emanuel IL Pelosi
R Emerson Jo Emerson MO Hastert
D Engel Eliot Engel NY Pelosi
R English Philip English PA Hastert
D Eshoo Anna Eshoo CA Pelosi
D Etheridge Bobby Etheridge NC Pelosi
D Evans Lane Evans IL Pelosi
R Everett Robert Everett AL Hastert
D Farr Samuel Farr CA Pelosi
D Fattah Chaka Fattah PA Pelosi
R Feeney Thomas Feeney FL Hastert
R Ferguson Michael Ferguson NJ Hastert
D Filner Robert Filner CA Pelosi
R Flake Jeffrey Flake AZ Hastert
R Fletcher Ernest Fletcher KY Hastert
R Foley Mark Foley FL Hastert
R Forbes James Forbes VA Hastert
D Ford Harold Ford TN Pelosi
R Fossella Vito Fossella NY Hastert
D Frank Barnett Frank MA Pelosi
R Franks Trent Franks AZ Hastert
R Frelinghuysen Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ Hastert
D Frost Jonas Frost TX Pelosi
R Gallegly Elton Gallegly CA Hastert
R Garrett Ernest Garrett NJ Hastert
D Gephardt Richard Gephardt MO Pelosi
R Gerlach James Gerlach PA Hastert
R Gibbons James Gibbons NV Hastert
R Gilchrest Wayne Gilchrest MD Hastert
R Gillmor Paul Gillmor OH Hastert
R Gingrey John Gingrey GA Hastert
D Gonzalez Charles Gonzalez TX Pelosi
R Goode Virgil Goode VA Hastert
R Goodlatte Robert Goodlatte VA Hastert
D Gordon Barton Gordon TN Pelosi
R Goss Porter Goss FL Hastert
R Granger Kay Granger TX Hastert
R Graves Samuel Graves MO Hastert
R Green Mark Green WI Hastert
D Green Raymond Green TX Pelosi
R Greenwood James Greenwood PA Hastert
D Grijalva Raúl Grijalva AZ Pelosi
D Gutiérrez Luis Gutiérrez IL Pelosi
R Gutknecht Gilbert Gutknecht MN Hastert
D Hall Ralph Hall TX Present
D Harman Jane Harman CA Pelosi
R Harris Katherine Harris FL Hastert
R Hart Melissa Hart PA Hastert
R Hastert John Hastert IL Present
D Hastings Alcee Hastings FL Pelosi
R Hastings Doc Hastings WA Hastert
R Hayes Robert Hayes NC Hastert
R Hayworth John Hayworth AZ Hastert
R Hefley Joel Hefley CO Hastert
R Hensarling Jeb Hensarling TX Hastert
R Herger Walter Herger CA Hastert
D Hill Baron Hill IN Pelosi
D Hinchey Maurice Hinchey NY Pelosi
D Hinojosa Rubén Hinojosa TX Pelosi
R Hobson David Hobson OH Hastert
D Hoeffel Joseph Hoeffel PA Pelosi
R Hoekstra Peter Hoekstra MI Hastert
D Holden Thomas Holden PA Pelosi
D Holt Rush Holt NJ Pelosi
D Honda Mike Honda CA Pelosi
D Hooley Darlene Hooley OR Not Voting
R Hostettler John Hostettler IN Hastert
R Houghton Amory Houghton NY Hastert
D Hoyer Steny Hoyer MD Pelosi
R Hulshof Kenny Hulshof MO Hastert
R Hunter Duncan Hunter CA Hastert
R Hyde Henry Hyde IL Hastert
D Inslee Jay Inslee WA Pelosi
R Isakson Johnny Isakson GA Hastert
D Israel Steve Israel NY Pelosi
R Issa Darrell Issa CA Hastert
R Istook Ernest Istook OK Hastert
D Jackson Jesse Jackson IL Pelosi
D Jackson-Lee Sheila Jackson-Lee TX Pelosi
R Janklow William Janklow SD Hastert
D Jefferson William Jefferson LA Pelosi
R Jenkins William Jenkins TN Hastert
D John Christopher John LA Pelosi
D Johnson Eddie Johnson TX Pelosi
R Johnson Nancy Johnson CT Hastert
R Johnson Sam Johnson TX Hastert
R Johnson Timothy Johnson IL Hastert
D Jones Stephanie Jones OH Pelosi
R Jones Walter Jones NC Hastert
D Kanjorski Paul Kanjorski PA Pelosi
D Kaptur Marcia Kaptur OH Pelosi
R Keller Richard Keller FL Hastert
R Kelly Sue Kelly NY Hastert
R Kennedy Mark Kennedy MN Hastert
D Kennedy Patrick Kennedy RI Pelosi
D Kildee Dale Kildee MI Pelosi
D Kilpatrick Carolyn Kilpatrick MI Pelosi
D Kind Ron Kind WI Pelosi
R King Peter King NY Hastert
R King Steve King IA Hastert
R Kingston Jack Kingston GA Hastert
R Kirk Mark Kirk IL Hastert
D Kleczka Gerald Kleczka WI Pelosi
R Kline John Kline MN Hastert
R Knollenberg Joseph Knollenberg MI Hastert
R Kolbe James Kolbe AZ Hastert
D Kucinich Dennis Kucinich OH Pelosi
R LaHood Ray LaHood IL Hastert
D Lampson Nicholas Lampson TX Pelosi
D Langevin James Langevin RI Pelosi
D Lantos Thomas Lantos CA Pelosi
D Larsen Richard Larsen WA Pelosi
D Larson John Larson CT Pelosi
R Latham Thomas Latham IA Hastert
R LaTourette Steven LaTourette OH Hastert
R Leach James Leach IA Hastert
D Lee Barbara Lee CA Pelosi
D Levin Sander Levin MI Pelosi
R Lewis Charles Lewis CA Hastert
D Lewis John Lewis GA Pelosi
R Lewis Ron Lewis KY Hastert
R Linder John Linder GA Hastert
D Lipinski William Lipinski IL Pelosi
R LoBiondo Frank LoBiondo NJ Hastert
D Lofgren Zoe Lofgren CA Pelosi
D Lowey Nita Lowey NY Pelosi
R Lucas Frank Lucas OK Hastert
D Lucas Ken Lucas KY Present
D Lynch Stephen Lynch MA Pelosi
D Majette Denise Majette GA Pelosi
D Maloney Carolyn Maloney NY Pelosi
R Manzullo Donald Manzullo IL Hastert
D Markey Edward Markey MA Pelosi
D Marshall Jim Marshall GA Pelosi
D Matheson James Matheson UT Pelosi
D Matsui Robert Matsui CA Pelosi
D McCarthy Carolyn McCarthy NY Pelosi
D McCarthy Karen McCarthy MO Pelosi
D McCollum Betty McCollum MN Pelosi
R McCotter Thaddeus McCotter MI Hastert
R McCrery James McCrery LA Hastert
D McDermott James McDermott WA Pelosi
D McGovern James McGovern MA Pelosi
R McHugh John McHugh NY Hastert
R McInnis Scott McInnis CO Hastert
D McIntyre Mike McIntyre NC Pelosi
R McKeon Howard McKeon CA Hastert
D McNulty Michael McNulty NY Pelosi
D Meehan Martin Meehan MA Pelosi
D Meek Kendrick Meek FL Pelosi
D Meeks Gregory Meeks NY Pelosi
D Menéndez Robert Menéndez NJ Pelosi
R Mica John Mica FL Hastert
D Michaud Michael Michaud ME Pelosi
D Millender-McDonald Juanita Millender-McDonald CA Pelosi
D Miller Brad Miller NC Pelosi
R Miller Candice Miller MI Hastert
R Miller Gary Miller CA Hastert
D Miller George Miller CA Pelosi
R Miller Jefferson Miller FL Hastert
D Mollohan Alan Mollohan WV Pelosi
D Moore Dennis Moore KS Pelosi
D Moran James Moran VA Pelosi
R Moran Jerry Moran KS Hastert
R Murphy Timothy Murphy PA Hastert
D Murtha John Murtha PA Pelosi
R Musgrave Marilyn Musgrave CO Hastert
R Myrick Sue Myrick NC Hastert
D Nadler Jerrold Nadler NY Pelosi
D Napolitano Grace Napolitano CA Pelosi
D Neal Richard Neal MA Pelosi
R Nethercutt George Nethercutt WA Hastert
R Ney Robert Ney OH Hastert
R Northup Anne Northup KY Hastert
R Norwood Charles Norwood GA Hastert
R Nunes Devin Nunes CA Hastert
R Nussle James Nussle IA Hastert
D Oberstar James Oberstar MN Pelosi
D Obey David Obey WI Pelosi
D Olver John Olver MA Pelosi
D Ortiz Solomon Ortiz TX Pelosi
R Osborne Thomas Osborne NE Hastert
R Ose Doug Ose CA Hastert
R Otter C. Otter ID Hastert
D Owens Major Owens NY Pelosi
R Oxley Michael Oxley OH Hastert
D Pallone Frank Pallone NJ Pelosi
D Pascrell William Pascrell NJ Pelosi
D Pastor Edward Pastor AZ Pelosi
R Paul Ronald Paul TX Hastert
D Payne Donald Payne NJ Pelosi
R Pearce Stevan Pearce NM Hastert
D Pelosi Nancy Pelosi CA Pelosi
R Pence Mike Pence IN Hastert
D Peterson Collin Peterson MN Pelosi
R Peterson John Peterson PA Hastert
R Petri Thomas Petri WI Hastert
R Pickering Charles Pickering MS Hastert
R Pitts Joseph Pitts PA Hastert
R Platts Todd Platts PA Hastert
R Pombo Richard Pombo CA Hastert
D Pomeroy Earl Pomeroy ND Pelosi
R Porter Jon Porter NV Hastert
R Portman Robert Portman OH Hastert
D Price David Price NC Pelosi
R Pryce Deborah Pryce OH Hastert
R Putnam Adam Putnam FL Hastert
R Quinn John Quinn NY Hastert
R Radanovich George Radanovich CA Hastert
D Rahall Nick Rahall WV Pelosi
R Ramstad James Ramstad MN Hastert
D Rangel Charles Rangel NY Pelosi
R Regula Ralph Regula OH Hastert
R Rehberg Dennis Rehberg MT Hastert
R Renzi Rick Renzi AZ Hastert
D Reyes Silvestre Reyes TX Pelosi
R Reynolds Thomas Reynolds NY Hastert
D Rodriguez Ciro Rodriguez TX Pelosi
R Rogers Harold Rogers KY Hastert
R Rogers Mike Rogers AL Hastert
R Rogers Mike Rogers MI Hastert
R Rohrabacher Dana Rohrabacher CA Hastert
R Ros-Lehtinen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen FL Hastert
D Ross Michael Ross AR Pelosi
D Rothman Steven Rothman NJ Pelosi
D Roybal-Allard Lucille Roybal-Allard CA Pelosi
R Royce Edward Royce CA Hastert
D Ruppersberger C. Ruppersberger MD Pelosi
D Rush Bobby Rush IL Pelosi
R Ryan Paul Ryan WI Hastert
D Ryan Timothy Ryan OH Pelosi
R Ryun Jim Ryun KS Hastert
D Sabo Martin Sabo MN Pelosi
D Sanchez Linda Sanchez CA Pelosi
D Sanchez Loretta Sanchez CA Pelosi
D Sanders Bernard Sanders VT Pelosi
D Sandlin Max Sandlin TX Pelosi
R Saxton Hugh Saxton NJ Hastert
D Schakowsky Janice Schakowsky IL Pelosi
D Schiff Adam Schiff CA Pelosi
R Schrock Edward Schrock VA Hastert
D Scott David Scott GA Pelosi
D Scott Robert Scott VA Pelosi
R Sensenbrenner Frank Sensenbrenner WI Hastert
D Serrano José Serrano NY Pelosi
R Sessions Pete Sessions TX Hastert
R Shadegg John Shadegg AZ Hastert
R Shaw Eugene Shaw FL Hastert
R Shays Christopher Shays CT Hastert
D Sherman Brad Sherman CA Pelosi
R Sherwood Don Sherwood PA Hastert
R Shimkus John Shimkus IL Hastert
R Shuster William Shuster PA Hastert
R Simmons Robert Simmons CT Hastert
R Simpson Michael Simpson ID Hastert
D Skelton Isaac Skelton MO Pelosi
D Slaughter Louise Slaughter NY Pelosi
D Smith Adam Smith WA Pelosi
R Smith Christopher Smith NJ Hastert
R Smith Lamar Smith TX Hastert
R Smith Nick Smith MI Hastert
D Snyder Victor Snyder AR Pelosi
D Solis Hilda Solis CA Pelosi
R Souder Mark Souder IN Hastert
D Spratt John Spratt SC Pelosi
D Stark Fortney Stark CA Pelosi
R Stearns Clifford Stearns FL Hastert
D Stenholm Charles Stenholm TX Present
D Strickland Ted Strickland OH Pelosi
D Stupak Bart Stupak MI Pelosi
R Sullivan John Sullivan OK Hastert
R Sweeney John Sweeney NY Hastert
R Tancredo Thomas Tancredo CO Hastert
D Tanner John Tanner TN Pelosi
D Tauscher Ellen Tauscher CA Pelosi
R Tauzin Wilbert Tauzin LA Hastert
R Taylor Charles Taylor NC Hastert
D Taylor Gary Taylor MS Murtha
R Terry Lee Terry NE Hastert
R Thomas William Thomas CA Hastert
D Thompson Bennie Thompson MS Pelosi
D Thompson Michael Thompson CA Pelosi
R Thornberry William Thornberry TX Hastert
R Tiahrt Todd Tiahrt KS Hastert
R Tiberi Patrick Tiberi OH Hastert
D Tierney John Tierney MA Pelosi
R Toomey Patrick Toomey PA Hastert
D Towns Edolphus Towns NY Pelosi
D Turner Jim Turner TX Pelosi
R Turner Michael Turner OH Hastert
D Udall Mark Udall CO Pelosi
D Udall Thomas Udall NM Pelosi
R Upton Frederick Upton MI Hastert
D Van Hollen Christopher Van Hollen MD Pelosi
D Velázquez Nydia Velázquez NY Pelosi
D Visclosky Peter Visclosky IN Pelosi
R Vitter David Vitter LA Hastert
R Walden Greg Walden OR Hastert
R Walsh James Walsh NY Hastert
R Wamp Zachary Wamp TN Hastert
D Waters Maxine Waters CA Pelosi
D Watson Diane Watson CA Pelosi
D Watt Melvin Watt NC Pelosi
D Waxman Henry Waxman CA Pelosi
D Weiner Anthony Weiner NY Pelosi
R Weldon David Weldon FL Hastert
R Weldon Wayne Weldon PA Hastert
R Weller Gerald Weller IL Hastert
D Wexler Robert Wexler FL Pelosi
R Whitfield Wayne Whitfield KY Hastert
R Wicker Roger Wicker MS Hastert
R Wilson Addison Wilson SC Hastert
R Wilson Heather Wilson NM Hastert
R Wolf Frank Wolf VA Hastert
D Woolsey Lynn Woolsey CA Pelosi
D Wu David Wu OR Pelosi
D Wynn Albert Wynn MD Pelosi
R Young Charles Young FL Hastert
R Young Donald Young AK Hastert