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Yes: 89, No: 1, Not voting: 10
October 30, 2003

H R 2800 (Vote 429)

DeWine Amdt. No. 1966; To increase assistance to combat HIV/AIDS.

Yes: 80, No: 14, Not voting: 6
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 428)

H.R. 1904, As Amended; Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003

Yes: 61, No: 31, Not voting: 8
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 427)

Motion to Table Harkin Amdt. No. 2045; To provide authority for title I, relative to hazardous fuels reduction on federal land.

Yes: 57, No: 34, Not voting: 9
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 426)

Motion to Table Cantwell Amdt. No. 2038, as modified; To require the Comptroller General to study the costs and benefits of the analysis of alternatives in environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.

Yes: 62, No: 32, Not voting: 6
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 425)

Motion to Table Murray Amdt. No. 2030; To ensure protection of old-growth stands.

Yes: 61, No: 34, Not voting: 5
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 424)

Motion to Table Boxer Amdt. No. 2043; To increase the minimum percentage of funds allocated for authorized hazardous fuel reduction projects in the wildland-urban interface.

Yes: 62, No: 33, Not voting: 5
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 423)

Motion to Table Leahy Amdt. No. 2039; To remove certain provisions relating to administrative and judicial review.

Yes: 58, No: 36, Not voting: 6
October 30, 2003

H R 1904 (Vote 422)

Motion to Table Bingaman Amdt. No. 2035; To require the treatment of slash and other long term fuels management for hazardous fuels reduction projects.

Yes: 36, No: 60, Not voting: 4
October 30, 2003

On the Motion (Vote 421)

Motion to Waive C.B.A. re: Bingaman Amdt. No. 2031; To provide the Secretary of Agriculture with the authority to borrow funds from the Treasury to pay for firefighting costs that exceed funds available and to provide funding to conduct hazardous fuels reduction and burned area restoration projects on non-Federal lands in and around communities.

Yes: 43, No: 55, Not voting: 2
October 30, 2003

S 139 (Vote 420)

Lieberman Amdt. No. 2028; To provide for a program of scientific research on abrupt climate change, to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by establishing a market-driven system of greenhouse gas tradeable allowances, to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and reduce dependence upon foreign oil, and ensure benefits to consumers from the trading in such allowances.