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For example, if most Democrats voted "NO" and the vote failed, they "won" the vote. If most Republicans voted yes and the vote passed, they "won" the vote.

Total House votes: 1654

Pass 1331

Fail 323

Yes No Won vote
81.0% 18.5% 96.1%
65.7% 33.8% 56.7%

Key House votes

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Yes: 206, No: 60, Not voting: 168
December 22, 2010

9/11 Health and Compensation Act (Vote 664)

Provides health coverage and financial compensation to first responders to the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Yes: 215, No: 144, Not voting: 74
December 21, 2010

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (Vote 661)

Overhaul of the nation's food safety system.

Yes: 228, No: 130, Not voting: 75
December 21, 2010

America Competes Act (Vote 659)

America Competes Reauthorization Act

Yes: 277, No: 148, Not voting: 8
December 17, 2010

To extend Bush tax cuts (Vote 647)

Vote to extend George W. Bush tax cuts.

Yes: 250, No: 175, Not voting: 9
December 15, 2010

Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Vote 638)

Repeals the military policy that required gay service members to hide their sexual identity or risk being expelled.

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