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Roscoe Bartlett (R)

House - Maryland, District 6 - Up for re-election in 2012

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of 1606 votes

111th Congress


of 1654 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 659

Fiscal Cliff

Passed VOTE 513

To audit the Federal Reserve system

Passed VOTE 460

To Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Passed VOTE 442

Civil Contempt Charge Against Attorney General

Passed VOTE 441

Contempt Finding Against Attorney General

Passed VOTE 151

House GOP Budget Plan

Passed VOTE 110


Passed VOTE 72

Extension of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance benefits

Passed VOTE 946

Reject the Senate payroll tax bill

Passed VOTE 923

Payroll tax cut

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Roscoe Bartlett
Representative, Maryland, District 6
  • 2011-2013
About Roscoe Bartlett

BARTLETT, Roscoe Gardner, (relative of Josiah Bartlett and Josiah Bartlett, Jr.), a Representative from Maryland; born in Moreland, Jefferson County, Ky., June 3, 1926; B.S., Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Md., 1947; M.S., University of Maryland, College Park, Md., 1948; Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, Md., 1952; faculty, University ...