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Quentin Burdick (D)

Senate - North Dakota

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Rejected VOTE 189

On the Motion

Rejected VOTE 188

On the Motion

Agreed to VOTE 187

H R 11

Agreed to VOTE 186

S RES 330

Agreed to VOTE 185

S RES 330

Agreed to VOTE 184

S RES 330

Agreed to VOTE 183

On the Motion

Failed VOTE 182

S 3114

Agreed to VOTE 181

S 3114

Passed VOTE 180

H R 4312

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Senator, North Dakota
  • 1991-1993
About Quentin Burdick

BURDICK, Quentin Northrup, (son of Usher L. Burdick, husband of Jocelyn Birch Burdick), a Representative and a Senator from North Dakota; born in Munich, Cavalier County, N.Dak., June 19, 1908; attended the public schools; graduated, University of Minnesota 1931 and from the law department of the same university 1932; admitted ...