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Saxby Chambliss (R)

Senate - Georgia - Up for re-election in 2014

Votes with party


of 366 votes

112th Congress


of 484 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Agreed to VOTE 21

Farm bill

Agreed to VOTE 13

$1.1 trillion spending bill

Agreed to VOTE 281

Budget agreement

Passed VOTE 209

H J RES 59

Agreed to VOTE 162

On the Motion

Agreed to VOTE 105

Federal mental health programs

Agreed to VOTE 104

Privacy of gun owners

Rejected VOTE 103

Ban high-capacity magazines

Rejected VOTE 102

Expand gun rights to veterans

Rejected VOTE 101

Ban assault weapons

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Saxby Chambliss
Senator, Georgia
  • 2013-2015
About Saxby Chambliss

CHAMBLISS, Saxby, a Representative and a Senator from Georgia; born in Warrenton, Warren County, N.C., November 10, 1943; graduated C.E. Byrd High School, Shreveport, La.; B.A., University of Georgia, Athens 1966; J.D., University of Tennessee College of Law 1968; attorney, Moultrie, Ga.; elected as a Republican to the House of ...