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Mark Dayton (D)

Senate - Minnesota

Votes with party


of 645 votes

108th Congress


of 675 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 262

Secure Fence Act of 2006

Passed VOTE 259

Military Tribunals and Interrogations Bill

Rejected VOTE 229

On the Cloture Motion

Passed VOTE 206

H R 810

Defeated VOTE 189

S J RES 12

Rejected VOTE 182

S 2766

Rejected VOTE 181

S 2766

Rejected VOTE 163

On the Cloture Motion

Passed VOTE 157

S 2611

Agreed to VOTE 118

H R 4297

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Senator, Minnesota
  • 2005-2007
About Mark Dayton

DAYTON, Mark, a Senator from Minnesota; born in Minneapolis, Minn., January 26, 1947; graduated cum laude Yale University 1969; unsuccessful candidate for the United States Senate in 1982; legislative assistant to Senator Walter Mondale; Minnesota state auditor, 1991-1994; elected to United States Senate in 2000, and served from January 3, ...