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John Ensign (R)

Senate - Nevada - Up for re-election in 2012

Votes with party


of 62 votes

111th Congress


of 692 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 61

Final Senate vote on 2011 budget

Rejected VOTE 37

Democratic Senate budget plan

Defeated VOTE 36

GOP House budget bill

Passed VOTE 29

Two-week budget bill

Rejected VOTE 9

Repeal health-care law

Agreed to VOTE 8

Repeal tax-reporting provision of health law

Agreed to VOTE 298

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

Agreed to VOTE 281

Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Rejected VOTE 278


Agreed to VOTE 276

Extension of Bush tax cuts

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John Ensign
Senator, Nevada
  • 2011-2011
About John Ensign

ENSIGN, John Eric, a Representative and a Senator from Nevada; born in Roseville, Placer County, Calif., March 25, 1958; graduated E.W. Clark High School, Las Vegas, 1976; attended University of Nevada 1979; B.S., Oregon State University, Corvalis 1981; D.V.M. Colorado State University, Fort Collins 1985; owner, West Flamingo Animal Hospital, ...