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Sheila Frahm (R)

Senate - Kansas

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of 148 votes

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Member Most DEMS
Agreed to VOTE 306

H R 3539

Not Sustained VOTE 305

On the Decision of the Chair

Agreed to VOTE 304

On the Cloture Motion

Agreed to VOTE 303

H R 3539

Passed VOTE 302

H R 4278

Sustained VOTE 301

H R 1833

Passed VOTE 300

H R 1350

Agreed to VOTE 299

H R 1350

Agreed to VOTE 298

H R 1350

Agreed to VOTE 297

H R 1350

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Senator, Kansas
  • 1996-1996
About Sheila Frahm

FRAHM, Sheila, a Senator from Kansas; born Sheila Sloan, March 22, 1945, in Colby, Thomas County, Kans.; graduated from Colby High School 1963; received Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Hays State University 1967; attended University of Texas at Austin; chairman, Colby Public Schools Board of Education; chairman, Northwest Kansas ...