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How Newt Gingrich voted on all votes

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 547

H RES 614

Appointment of Managers

Failed VOTE 546

H RES 611

Agreed to VOTE 545

H RES 611

Failed VOTE 544

H RES 611

Agreed to VOTE 543

H RES 611

Passed VOTE 542

Table Appeal From Ruling of the Chair

Passed VOTE 539

H RES 612

Supporting United States Troops in the Persian Gulf

Passed VOTE 538

H R 4328

Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations, Fy 1999

Passed VOTE 502

H RES 584

Further Providing for the Consideration of H.R. 4274

Passed VOTE 498

H RES 581

Authorizing and Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to Investigate Whether Sufficient Grounds Exist for the Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States

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