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How Raúl Grijalva voted on all votes

Member Most DEMS
Failed VOTE 27

H R 4

Passed VOTE 26

H R 395

Do-Not-Call Implementation Act

Passed VOTE 25

H RES 62

Recognizing the Courage and Sacrifice of Those Members of the United States Armed Forces Who Were Held As Prisoners of War During the Vietnam Conflict and Calling for a Full Accounting of the 1,902 Members of the Armed Forces Who Remain Unaccounted for From the Vietnam Conflict

Passed VOTE 24

H R 346

American Spirit Fraud Prevention Act

Passed VOTE 23

H J RES 19

Recognizing the 92nd Birthday of Ronald Reagan

Passed VOTE 22

H RES 61

Commending the People of Israel for Conducting Free and Fair Elections, Reaffirming the Friendship Between the Government and Peoples of the United States and Israel, and for Other Purposes

Passed VOTE 21


Honoring Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel

Passed VOTE 20


Condemning the Selection of Libya to Chair the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, and for Other Purposes

Passed VOTE 19

H RES 51

Expressing the Condolences of the House of Representatives to the Families of the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, and for Other Purposes

Failed VOTE 18

H J RES 18

Making Further Continuing Appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2003, and for Other Purposes.

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