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Henry Heinz (R)

Senate - Pennsylvania

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Confirmed VOTE 41

On the Nomination

Passed VOTE 40

H R 1281

Failed VOTE 39

H R 1281

Agreed to VOTE 38

H R 1281

Germane VOTE 37

Whether the Amendment is Germane

Failed VOTE 36

H R 1281

Rejected VOTE 35

H R 1281

Agreed to VOTE 34

H R 1281

Rejected VOTE 33

H R 1281

Agreed to VOTE 32

H R 1281

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Senator, Pennsylvania
  • 1991-1993
About Henry Heinz

HEINZ, Henry John, III, a Representative and a Senator from Pennsylvania; born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa., October 23, 1938; graduated, Phillips Exeter Academy 1956; graduated, Yale University 1960; received a graduate degree from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration 1963; served in the United States Air Force 1963; United ...