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Connie Mack (R)

Senate - Florida

Votes with party


of 672 votes

105th Congress


of 612 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 298

H J RES 127

Agreed to VOTE 297

H R 2415

Agreed to VOTE 296

On the Cloture Motion

Passed VOTE 295

H J RES 126

Rejected VOTE 294

On the Cloture Motion

Passed VOTE 293

H J RES 120

Passed VOTE 292

H J RES 119

Passed VOTE 291

H J RES 118

Passed VOTE 290

H J RES 117

Agreed to VOTE 289

H R 4942

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Senator, Florida
  • 1999-2001
About Connie Mack

MACK, Connie, III, (father of Connie Mack IV, father-in-law of Mary Bono Mack, step-grandson of Tom Connally, grandson of Morris Sheppard, and great-grandson of John Levi Sheppard), a Representative and a Senator from Florida; born Cornelius McGillicuddy, III, in Philadelphia, Pa., October 29, 1940; attended St. Francis Xavier School, Fort ...