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How John McCain voted on all votes

Member Most DEMS
Agreed to VOTE 36

S 460

motion to table mccain amdt no. 112; To require procedures to be developed and implemented to register voters upon their being inducted into the Armed Forces and to allow members of the Armed Forces to vote by Absentee ballot.

Agreed to VOTE 35

S 460

motion to table simpson amdt no. 129; To provide for a study to determine whether, after enactment, as many as 3.0 percent of persons who are registered to vote are noncitizens, and if that is the case, to provide expedited procedures for sunsetting parts of the bill.

Agreed to VOTE 34

S 460

mkotion to table simpson amdt no. 128; To provide for the imposition of civil penalties for misrepresentation or fraud concerning citizenship.

Rejected VOTE 33

On the Cloture Motion

cloture motion - S. 460; National Voter Registration Act of 1993

Agreed to VOTE 32

S 460

ford amnd no. 123; To exempt States which have enacted legislation to permit registration on Election Day at the polling place, to eliminate the provision on a written declaration to register, a technical provision which relates to the transmittal of registration application by motor vehicle officials to the appropriate State election authority, to modify the effective date for the States which have a State constitutional problem to conforming to the Act, and a provision relating to the notice of the disposition of the mail application for registration.

Agreed to VOTE 31

S 460

motion to table nickles amnd no. 80; To put off the effective date with respect to a State until January first of the year after the year in which Congress enacts legislation authorizing and appropriating funds to pay the State's costs of implementing the Act.

Agreed to VOTE 30

S 460

motion to table mccain amdt no.79; To ensure that individuals applying for agency based registration are not coerced by such agencies.

Confirmed VOTE 29

On the Nomination

Janet Reno - Attorney General

Agreed to VOTE 28

S 460

motion to table kempthorne amndt. no. 78; To establish national voter registration procedures for Federal elections, and for other purposes.

Rejected VOTE 27

On the Motion

motion to waive CBA with respect to McCain amdt 73; To grant the power to the President to reduce budget authority.

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