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How Ben Nelson voted on all votes

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 251

H R 8

H.R. 8, As Amended; An act entitled the "American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012".

Confirmed VOTE 250

On the Nomination

Confirmation Carol J. Galante, of California, to be an Assistant Seceretary of Housing and Urban Development

Confirmed VOTE 249

On the Nomination

Confirmation William Joseph Baer, of Maryland, to be an Assistant Attorney General

Passed VOTE 248

H R 1

H.R. 1 as Amended; An act making appropriations for disaster relief for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2013, and for other purposes.

Rejected VOTE 247

H R 1

Coats Amdt. No. 3391; In the nature of a substitute.

Rejected VOTE 246

On the Motion

Motion to Waive All Applicable Budgetary Discipline Re: Merkley Amdt. No. 3367, as Modified Further; To extend certain supplemental agriculture disaster assistance programs.

Rejected VOTE 245

H R 1

McCain Amdt. No. 3355; To strike funding for the emergency forest restoration program.

Rejected VOTE 244

H R 1

Paul Amdt. No. 3410; To offset the cost of the bill and to put the spending on budget as regular spending and not emergency.

Rejected VOTE 243

H R 1

Paul Amdt. No. 3376; To provide for the nonapplication of the Davis-Bacon Act in the case of projects funded under this Act.

Rejected VOTE 242

H R 1

Coburn Amdt. No. 3382; To require merit-based and competitive awards of disaster recovery contracts.

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