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Malcolm Wallop (R)

Senate - Wyoming

Votes with party


of 724 votes

102nd Congress


of 550 votes

How they voted

Member Most DEMS
Passed VOTE 329

H R 5110

Agreed to VOTE 328

On the Motion

Confirmed VOTE 327

On the Nomination

Agreed to VOTE 326

On the Cloture Motion

Rejected VOTE 325

On the Cloture Motion

Agreed to VOTE 324

On the Motion to Proceed

Passed VOTE 323

S J RES 229

Rejected VOTE 322

On the Cloture Motion

Agreed to VOTE 321

H R 6

Agreed to VOTE 320

On the Cloture Motion

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Senator, Wyoming
  • 1993-1995
About Malcolm Wallop

WALLOP, Malcolm, a Senator from Wyoming; born in New York City, February 27, 1933; attended the public schools of Big Horn, Wyo., and the Cate School, Carpenteria, Calif.; graduated, Yale University 1954; businessman and cattle rancher; member, Wyoming house of representatives 1969-1972; member, Wyoming senate 1973-1976; served in the United ...