How Bill Pascrell voted on all votes

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Passed VOTE 97

H R 1554

Satellite Copyright, Competition, and Consumer Protection Act

Passed VOTE 96

H R 1141

Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Fy 1999

Passed VOTE 95

H R 1184

Earthquake Hazards Reduction Authorization Act

Passed VOTE 94

H R 800

Education Flexibility Partnership Act

Passed VOTE 93

H RES 128

Condemning the Murder of Human Rights Lawyer Rosemary Nelson and Calling for the Protection of Defense Attorneys in Northern Ireland

Passed VOTE 92

H R 573

To Authorize the President to Award a Gold Medal on Behalf of the Congress to Rosa Parks in Recognition of Her Contribution to the Nation

Passed VOTE 91

H R 1376

Availability of Certain Tax Benefits for Services As Part of Operation Allied Force

Failed VOTE 90

H J RES 37

Proposing An Amendment to the Constitution of the United States With Respect to Tax Limitations

Passed VOTE 89

H R 472

Local Census Quality Control Act

Failed VOTE 88

H R 472

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