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Emil Steiner on crime, punishment, and football

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When Player Team Pos. Accused Of Status/Outcome
01/18/10 Chad Rinehart Redskins T Public intoxication Pending
04/11/09 Donte Whitner Bills SS Suspicion of Aggravated Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest Pending
04/05/09 Leon Hall Bengals CB DUI, Driving Left of Center Pending
04/02/09 Donte' Stallworth Browns WR DUI Manslaughter Pleaded guilty
03/21/09 Cornell Green Raiders T Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon Pending
03/16/09 Gerald Sensabaugh Jaguars S Driving with a Suspended License Pending
03/13/09 David Macklin Rams DB Driving Under the Influence, Illegal Window Tint Pending
03/09/09 Matt Jones Free Agent WR Parole Violation Released
03/01/09 Brandon Marshall Broncos WR Disorderly Conduct Dismissed
02/27/09 Reggie Williams Jaguars WR Misdemeanor DWI, Marijuana Possession Pending
02/14/09 Jeff Reed Steelers K Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct Pending
02/11/09 Marshawn Lynch Bills RB Misdemeanor Possessing a Concealed, Loaded and Unregistered Firearm Pleaded guilty
02/02/09 Roderick Green 49ers LB Misdemeanor Reckless Driving, Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon, Possession of Marijuana, Interfering with the Duties of a Police Officer Pending
02/01/09 Jamal Williams Chargers DT Suspicion of Drunken Driving Pending
01/24/09 Leroy Hill Seahawks OLB Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession Pending
01/24/09 Jon Dekker Steelers TE Obstruction of Justice Acquitted
01/11/09 Anthony Spencer Cowboys OLB Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct Pending
12/13/08 Albert Haynesworth Titans DT Misdemeanor Reckless Driving and Expired Registration Voluntarily turned himself into authorities
12/07/08 Jeremy Bridges Panthers G Simple Assault and Battery Pending
12/01/08 Plaxico Burress Giants WR Two Charges of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree Released
11/29/08 Shaun Ellis Jets DE Marijuana Possession and Drug Paraphernalia, Speeding, Driving Without Insurance, Failure to Keep Right and Failure to Produce a Valid Registration Card Pending
11/25/08 Michael Vick Falcons QB Virginia State Torturing or Killing Animals Pleaded guilty
10/27/08 Larry Johnson Chiefs RB Simple Assault Court date set
10/23/08 Santonio Holmes Steelers WR Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession Court date set
10/18/08 Matt McCoy Buccaneers LB DUI Pending
09/28/08 Danny Ware Giants RB Pedestrian Under the Influence and Pedestrian in the Roadway Pending
09/15/08 Lawyer Milloy Falcons SS DUI, Speeding Pending
09/15/08 Tommy Kelly Raiders DE Suspicion of DUI Pending
09/10/08 Ed Johnson Colts DT Marijuana possession Pending
08/30/08 Fred Taylor Jaguars RB Disorderly Conduct. Released

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