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Chugach Alaska Corporation

Our Mission is to set the standard for first-class business services in the global market. Chugach is a unique organization, capable of meeting the needs of government and private industries through a long-range program of business planning, training, and sound business practices. Chugach also provides complete project services to our clients, including design and construction of commercial and government facilities. The Chugach family of companies consists of several subsidiaries and joint ventures that offer our clients professional assistance which combines high-quality base operations and maintenance services with state-of-the-art management services. Chugach's success is based on an integrated management strategy, fostered by the vision of the Board and fueled by the commitment of our exceptionally skilled employees -- who remain diligently focused on customer satisfaction. Chugach's history of offering the best value and exceptional customer service has earned us a reputation as a company that provides cost-saving, award-winning services to the government while maximizing benefits to the American taxpayer. In addition to our core businesses of Facilities Operations and Maintenance, other Chugach subsidiaries provide first-class business services in the areas of Construction, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Environmental Services, and Education Services. Chugach Alaska Corporation, its Subsidiaries, and Joint Ventures, offers unequaled business services around the world.

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