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Company NameHQ LocationYear Est.EmployeesRevenueLocationsGovt. Clients
EPSTinton Falls, New Jersey1986501-2,000Under $100 million11
Upper Mohawk, Inc.Titusville, Florida1994UnknownUnder $100 million35
Physical Optics CorporationTorrance, California1985101-500Under $100 million13
SafenetTorrance, California1987501-2,000$100 million to $750 million21
Ryan CommercialTowson, Maryland1997<25Unknown11
JawoodTroy, Michigan1999101-500Under $100 million11
Kelly ServicesTroy, Michigan194610,000+$1 billion to $10 billion42
Malace & AssociatesTroy, Michigan2006101-500Under $100 million11
American Cybersystems, IncTucker, Georgia1998101-500$100 million to $750 million111
Rincon Research Corp.Tucson, Arizona1983101-500Under $100 million21
GDH ConsultingTulsa, Oklahoma2001101-500Under $100 million31
Devine ConsultingUnion City, California199826-100Under $100 million13
Aggregate Technologies, Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland2004<25Unknown11
Cooper Photonics, Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland2000<25Under $100 million33
Diverse Technologies CorporationUpper Marlboro, Maryland198826-100Under $100 million11
Fcaps Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland2000<25Unknown21
Graham TechnologiesUpper Marlboro, Maryland2007<25Unknown21
Key Solutions, Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland200326-100Under $100 million11
NAIDUpper Marlboro, Maryland198326-100Under $100 million16
NW Systems Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland1996101-500Under $100 million51
Veteran Solutions, Inc.Upper Marlboro, Maryland200426-100Under $100 million14
Z Systems CorporationUpper Marlboro, Maryland199326-100Under $100 million21
Edgewater Federal SolutionsUrbana, Maryland200226-100Under $100 million21
Worldbridge TechnologiesValencia, California2003UnknownUnknown11
LukosValrico, Florida2008<25Unknown22
MAV6Vicksburg, Mississippi200726-100Unknown12
3S Group IncorporatedVienna, Virginia1996<25Under $100 million14
ActioNet, Inc.Vienna, Virginia1998101-500Under $100 million24
AT&T CorporationVienna, Virginia20002,001-5,000$10 billion to $50 billion4418
Automation Technologies, Inc.Vienna, Virginia199826-100Under $100 million63
Bogart AssociatesVienna, Virginia200326-100Under $100 million12
C2 Technologies, Inc.Vienna, Virginia1997101-500Under $100 million511
Cambridge Communications Systems, Inc.Vienna, Virginia199926-100Under $100 million64
ChaoticVienna, Virginia1984<25Under $100 million11
Comtech LLCVienna, Virginia199826-100Under $100 million23
ConveraVienna, Virginia200026-100Under $100 million16
Criterion SystemsVienna, Virginia2005101-500Under $100 million18
Delex Systems, Inc.Vienna, Virginia1968101-500Under $100 million65
Duer Advanced Technology and Aerospace, Inc.Vienna, Virginia199626-100Under $100 million31
EAGLE Enterprise Joint VentureVienna, Virginia2005501-2,000Unknown22
Enterprise Information Services, Inc.Vienna, Virginia1994101-500Under $100 million18
GCS Inc.Vienna, Virginia199526-100Under $100 million23
GH Engineering, Inc.Vienna, Virginia1999<25Under $100 million11
ICS Nett Inc.Vienna, Virginia200326-100Under $100 million33
INDUS CorporationVienna, Virginia1991501-2,000Unknown99
Innovative Decisions, Inc.Vienna, Virginia199726-100Under $100 million111
InTecVienna, Virginia200426-100Under $100 million114
JTG Inc.Vienna, Virginia199526-100Under $100 million21
Management Analysis, Inc.Vienna, Virginia197626-100Unknown110
MBR Computer Consultants, Inc.Vienna, Virginia200026-100Unknown12

This project was last updated in September 2010. Data is accurate as of that date.
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William M. Arkin has been a columnist and reporter with The Washington Post and since 1998. He has worked on the subject of government secrecy and national security affairs for more than 30 years. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books about the U.S. military and national security.

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