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Scientific Research Corporation

Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) is a large business advanced engineering company founded in 1988 to provide innovative solutions to the U.S. government, private industry and international markets. Since its inception, SRC has continued to successfully meet emerging challenges in the marketplace and consistently deliver the highest quality products and technical services to its customers. SRC's business activities are focused on a broad range of network, wireless communication, information, intelligence, and sensor systems. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and engineering offices located across the U.S., SRC is dedicated to a full range of engineering, integration, testing, and support activities. SRC laboratories and test facilities reflect state-of-the-art technology and mirror both commercial and defense operational environments. The company has expert resources and facilities in place to provide its customers: Products and services related to complex electronic systems; Custom hardware/software development; and Engineering services that span analysis, design, and development through integration, installation, and support.

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