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SOS International, Ltd.

SOS International Ltd. (SOSi) is a privately-owned company that has supported the U.S. defense, intelligence, law enforcement and diplomatic communities since 1989. SOSi also maintains strategic partnerships with a number of private sector companies, government service providers, academic institutions and think tanks. SOSi's core competencies include cultural, political and situational awareness training; role player and advisory support; a full range of electronic surveillance investigative services to support full-scale communications intercept missions; intelligence and counterintelligence operations; media analysis; and information operations/strategic communications. Our ability to effectively provide these services has at its foundation highly competent and well-resourced staff who are committed to fostering a deep understanding of foreign cultures, governments and languages and connecting with individuals "on the ground." Our team of seasoned, multi-national staff spans the widest spectrum of linguistic, ethnic, cultural and professional backgrounds, and many have first-hand experience working in some of the most austere and tumultuous regions of the world.

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