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Zel Technologies LLC

Zel Technologies, LLC, headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, operates as a professional services and information systems company in the United States and internationally. It delivers systems engineering and process, analytical and technical support, intelligence and program management, and professional solutions and services to the Department of Defense; NASA; the Intelligence Community; and federal, state, and local homeland security activities. The company develops and integrates air and space battle management, command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems; and visualization solutions to access and display relevant data, facilitate collaboration and production, and enable decision making. It also provides information technology services, including design, development, integration, and maintenance; administrative management and general management; operating advice and assistance on administrative management issues, including strategic and organizational planning, and asset/records management; expert advice, guidance, and counseling, including studies, analyses, reports, strategic planning, process and productivity improvement, systems alignment, leadership systems, organizational assessments, performance measures/indicators, and program audits/evaluations; program integration and project management services; operational/mission oriented management consulting services; and scientific and technical consulting services. In addition, the company involves in database design/management, exercise/demonstration support, information management/assurance, testing, program management, systems administration/analysis/engineering/integration, visualization solutions, software, and research/development activities.

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