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California ranks first of 50 states in the number of domestically focused counterterrorism and homeland security organizations, and second overall in organizations established or newly involved in counterterrorism since 9/11. In dollar amount, the state ranked third in fiscal 2009 in federal homeland security spending and first in domestic preparedness and antiterrorism programs. Measured per capita, the state ranked 36th in overall federal government expenditures.

U.S. intelligence and homeland security agencies and the Department of Justice measure the potential terrorist threat to California by analyzing data, including the following: • California had 28 terrorism-related convictions from Sept. 11, 2001, through March 2010, according to the Justice Department, and ranks sixth in the nation in numbers of convictions. • The state has eight of the 64 urban metropolitan areas that have been designated by the federal government as "high-threat, high-density" with regard to acts of terrorism: Los Angeles/Long Beach, the San Francisco Bay Area, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, Anaheim/Santa Ana, the Oxnard area and Bakersfield. • Three major terrorist plots have been thwarted relating to California since 9/11: The Hayat plot in San Diego in 2005, the Kevin James plot in Los Angeles in 2005 and the liquid explosives plot relating to airliners flying to Washington, New York and Los Angeles in 2006. • On July 4, 2002, Egyptian national Hesham Mohamed Hadayet shot and killed two people and wounded four others at Los Angeles International Airport’s El Al ticket counter before he was fatally shot by an airline security guard. • California is one of five states with nation's largest immigrant populations, a measure that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI associate with potential threats. In 2009, according to the DHS, California ranked first of all states with unauthorized immigrant population, with an estimated 2.6 million unauthorized immigrants. • The intelligence community also ranks California in the top 10 states with the largest Muslim populations, a measure that it applies to the threat of homegrown terrorists. • California ranks second (after Texas) in the number of "special interest aliens" who cross the southern border into the United States. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, they come from Lebanon, Iran and Somalia. The Mexican border of California is a major corridor for both illegal immigration and drug-trafficking. Two of the three busiest land ports of entry on the Southwest border are located here. The San Ysidro Port of Entry, 15 miles south of downtown San Diego, is the busiest land border crossing in the world, receiving more than 40 million persons and 17 million vehicles annually. According to NORTHCOM intelligence, 35 tunnels have been discovered crossing the Mexico border into California since 1990. California's homeland security apparatus largely predates 9/11. To coordinate counterterrorism for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games, the FBI initiated a working group with the Los Angeles Police Department and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. This led to the formation of the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in 1986. A Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG) was established in 1996, and by 9/11, federal and state counterterrorism authorities were operating from a loose-knit network of TEWGs and JTTFs. Within weeks of 9/11, the state-level California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC) was activated and focused on counterterrorism. Today, California's network of intelligence fusion centers has grown to seven, the most of any state in the nation. California piloted the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) program in 2002, a statewide effort today that involves hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical and public health personnel who function as local counterterrorism sources. California's Office of Homeland Security, established in February 2003, has grown into the multifaceted California Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA), established in 2009 to consolidate homeland security and emergency management functions. California is the only state to create a Maritime Security Council, which met for the first time in 2007. California ranks second in the nation, after Texas, in FBI JTTFs, with eight.

State security snapshot

Organizations working on homeland security and counterterrorism: 359

Organizations that started this work after 9/11: 54

85.0% Pre-9/11

15.0% Post-9/11

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California is located in FEMA Region IX; the Defense Coordinating Office responsible for brokering and arranging federal military support for the state is located in Oakland.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Includes organizations at the federal, state and local levels that have the police powers to make arrests and investigate criminal matters.
Emergency Management
Emergency Management
Organizations tasked with responding to natural disasters, attacks using weapons of mass destruction and other emergencies.
Homeland Security
Homeland Security
Organizations responsible for activities -- such as infrastructure protection, border control and planning for the aftermath of terrorist attacks -- handled mainly by the Department of Homeland Security.
Organizations, such as the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces, that work exclusively on terrorism cases.
Joint Terrorism Task Force
A multiagency task force, run by the FBI, that has the lead in investigating terrorism within the United States.
Intelligence and Fusion
Organizations that collect, analyze and share information about domestic threats.
Fusion Centers
Fusion Center
A place where information from multiple agencies in a state or region is sent to be analyzed.
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  • Counterterrorism

    California has eight Joint Terrorism Task Forces. The original California JTTF in Los Angeles was established in 1986, and the San Francisco JTTF was established in 1997.

    Two other JTTFs are located at FBI field offices in Sacramento and San Diego. There are JTTF annexes in Fresno, Long Beach, Santa Ana (also known as the Orange County JTTF) and Riverside (also known as the Inland Empire JTTF). The U.S. attorney chairs Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils (ATACs) in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Central District of California in Los Angeles is the second largest U.S. attorney's office in the country, with an active national security section that works with the district's four JTTFs.
  • Intelligence

    California was one of six states to initially test the DHS Homeland Security Information System-Intel (HSIN-Intel) pilot, which allows fusion centers to directly share classified information to identify trends and patterns that may represent links to terrorism.

    California is a member of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), the Western States Information Network (WSIN), the Navy-sponsored Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) and the Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST), an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)-led initiative, begun in 2006, designed to increase the flow of information between participating agencies regarding transnational criminal organizations and violent gangs operating along the southern border. The Regional Information Sharing Systems Intelligence Center in Sacramento covers Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Guam. Intelligence units are maintained by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the San Diego Police Department. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has a homeland security division that includes the fusion center and a specialized counterterrorism unit. In 2010, the LAPD was designated as one of 12 state agencies to participate in the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) initiative. At the federal level, the FBI operates Field Intelligence Groups (FIGs) in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. There are three Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Intelligence Groups in California: The San Francisco FIG has jurisdiction for Northern California and northern Nevada. The Los Angeles FIG has jurisdiction for central California and southern Nevada. The San Diego FIG has jurisdiction for extreme Southern California. Workers at the Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) in Fresno and the Northern California HIDTA in San Francisco perform criminal intelligence analysis.
  • Fusion

    California operates seven state, regional and city-level fusion centers. The state Emergency Management Agency's Information Analysis, Watch and Warning Division provides structure, guidance and funding to the California State Terrorism Threat Assessment System, which encompasses:

    * The California State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (STTAC), the primary state fusion center in Sacramento (formerly known as the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC) and established in September 2001) and four Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Centers (RTTACs), each of which corresponds with one of four FBI field offices in California. The STTAC provides statewide analysis, information tracking, pattern analysis, geographic report linkages, statewide intelligence products and regional investigative support throughout California. The RTTACs are responsible for developing a regional threat assessment picture, providing analytical functions and connecting directly to partners within the STTAS to share information, reports, and other threat and warning products. The regional fusion centers vary in size from 15 individuals in Sacramento and San Diego to more than 40 individuals in Los Angeles and San Francisco. * The Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC), also known as the Los Angeles Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center. * The Northern California Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center, formerly known as the San Francisco Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center and incorporating the South Bay Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG), along with TEWGs from the East and West Bay Area. * The Central California Intelligence Center, formerly known as the Sacramento Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center. * The San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC), also known as the San Diego Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center, includes San Diego and Imperial counties. This fusion center particularly specializes in intelligence related to cross-border issues and gang activity. Two additional fusion centers are not certified by the federal government: * An Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC) was organized in 2007 and assumed the duties of a former Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG). * A Port of Long Beach Fusion Center opened in February 2009. "Project G" is a fusion center data-mining initiative that includes high-speed license plate scanners, allows link analysis of terrorist associations and relationships between individuals, locations, vehicles and movement patterns that might otherwise go undetected. The first pilot program for Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLOs) began in California in 2002 and linked local law enforcement officers to the state's Office of Homeland Security and the fusion center. By 2010, hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel had been trained to be TLOs.
  • Homeland Security

    A California Office of Homeland Security was created in February 2003 but merged with the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) in 2009 to become the California Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA).

    The homeland security sector of CAL-EMA includes a planning, research and emergency preparedness division; an office of infrastructure protection; and an information analysis, watch and warning division. To assist in critical infrastructure protection, DHS Protective Security Advisor districts have been established in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Federal Protective Service (FPS) Region 9 headquarters is also located in San Francisco. Coast Guard District 11, one of four districts in the Pacific, is headquartered in Alameda.
  • Law Enforcement

    The California Department of Justice is the statewide law enforcement agency and includes divisions of public rights, criminal law, law enforcement and justice information services.

    The California Highway Patrol provides security and protective services to elected state officials, state government employees and state facilities, as well as law enforcement assistance to local governments and allied agencies when situations exceed the limits of local resources. The four FBI field offices in California -- in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco -- operate resident agencies and satellite offices in Lancaster, Long Beach, the Los Angeles Airport, Palm Springs, Riverside, Santa Ana, Santa Maria, Ventura, Victorville, West Covina, Bakersfield, Chico, Fairfield, Fresno, Modesto, Redding, South Lake Tahoe, Stockton, Imperial County, North County (Carlsbad), Concord, Hayward, Monterey Bay, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Jose, San Rafael and Santa Rosa. The Coast Guard National Strike Force Pacific Strike Team is located in Novato. The Coast Guard's Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (TACLET), a special operations unit that is part of the Deployable Operations Group, is located in San Diego.
  • Emergency Management

    On Jan. 1, 2009, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services and the California Office of Homeland Security merged to become the California Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA). CAL-EMA operates the California State Warning Center (CSWC) for emergency management.

    The California Highway Patrol also operates the Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center (ENTAC) as a statewide emergency notification center, and a center for monitoring unusual events from disasters to antiwar protests. The Office of Infrastructure Protection (OIP) of CAL-EMA is responsible for the state's effort to identify, prioritize and protect critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR). A restricted Web site allows public and private-sector agencies to receive intelligence bulletins and security and safety information. DHS Protective Security Advisor districts have been established in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.
Sourcing: Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and state government documents.
OrganizationCityStarted since 9/11
Boulevard Station (Border Patrol)  
Brown Field Station (Border Patrol)  
Campo Station (Border Patrol)  
Anaheim Police DepartmentAnaheim 
DCMA Special Programs West (Defense)Annaheim 
Bakersfield Office (Drug Enforcement)Bakersfield 
Bakersfield Resident Agency (FBI)Bakersfield 
Bakersfield Satellite Office (ATF)Bakersfield 
Kern County Fire DepartmentBakersfield 
RAC Bakesfield (ICE)Bakersfield 
Banning Police DepartmentBanning 
Barstow Police DepartmentBarstow 
AFOSI Det 218 (Air Force)Beale AFB 
Beaumont Police DepartmentBeaumont 
Berkeley Site Office (Dept. of Energy)Berkeley 
Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab. (Dept. of Energy)Berkeley 
Beverly Hills Police DepartmentBeverly Hills 
Blythe Station (Border Patrol)Blythe 
Buena Park Police DepartmentBuena Park 
ASAC Calexico (ICE)Calexico 
Calexico Station (Border Patrol)Calexico 
San Jose Resident Agency (FBI)Campbell 
Defense Coordinating Officer/Element FEMA Region IX (NORTHCOM)Camp Parksx
NCIS Field Office Marine Corps West (Navy)Camp Pendleton 
NCIS Regional Polygraph Site Marine Corps West (Navy)Camp Pendleton 
TF West (NORTHCOM)Camp Pendletonx
Carlsbad Office (Drug Enforcement)Carlsbad 
North County Resident Agency (FBI)Carlsbad 
Chico Police DepartmentChico 
Chico Resident Agency (FBI)Chico 
NCIS Resident Agency China Lake, Calif. (Navy)China Lake 
Chino Police DepartmentChino 
Chula Vista Station (Border Patrol)Chula Vista 
Colton Police DepartmentColton 
Concord Resident Agency (FBI)Concord 
Corona Fire Department - Emergency Services DivisionCorona 
Corona Police DepartmentCorona 
NCIS Resident Unit Corona (Navy)Corona 
Costa Mesa Fire Department/Community EducationCosta Mesa 
Cupertino Office of Emergency ServicesCupertino 
Cypress Police DepartmentCypress 
Alameda County Sheriff's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency ServicesDublinx
San Francisco Field Division (ATF)Dublin 
AFOSI Det 111 (Air Force)Edwards AFB 
El Cajon Station (Border Patrol)El Cajon 
El Centro Aviation Operations (Customs)El Centro 
El Centro Sector, Calif. (Border Patrol)El Centro 
El Cerrito Police DepartmentEl Cerrito 
AFOSI Det 810 (Air Force)El Segundo 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office Los AngelesEl Segundox
DSS Resident Office – Navy Marine Reserve Center (Defense Sec.)Encino 
Fairfield Resident Agency (FBI)Fairfield 
Fontana Police DepartmentFontana 
Fort Irwin CID Office (U.S. Army)Fort Irwin 
Central Valley HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)Fresno 
Fresno County Emergency ServicesFresno 
Fresno County Sheriff's OfficeFresnox
Fresno Field Office/Satellite Office (ATF)Fresno 
Fresno Fire DepartmentFresno 
Fresno JTTF Annex (FBI)Fresnox
Fresno Resident Agency (FBI)Fresno 
Fresno Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Fresno 
RAC Fresno (ICE)Fresno 
USSS Fresno (Secret Service)Fresno 
Garden Grove Police DepartmentGarden Grove 
Greenfield Emergency ServicesGreenfield 
95th Civil Support Team (Nat'l Guard)Haywardx
Hayward Resident Agency (FBI)Hayward 
Hemet Police DepartmentHemet 
Huntington Beach Field Office (Defense Sec.)Huntington Beach 
Huntington Beach Police DepartmentHuntington Beach 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office El CentroImperialx
El Centro Station (Border Patrol)Imperial 
Imperial County Office (Drug Enforcement)Imperial 
Imperial County Resident Agency (FBI)Imperial 
Resident Agent in Charge - Calexico (ICE)Imperial 
Imperial Beach Coastal Site (Customs)Imperial Beach 
Imperial Beach Station (Border Patrol)Imperial Beach 
Indio Police DepartmentIndio 
Indio Station (Border Patrol)Indio 
Irvine Police DepartmentIrvine 
Pacific Fraud Field Office / Laguna Niguel Fraud Resident Agency (U.S. Army)Laguna Hills 
Resident Agent in Charge - Laguna Niguel (ICE)Laguna Niguel 
AFOSI Det 707 (Air Force)Lancaster 
Lancaster Resident Agency (FBI)Lancaster 
NNSA Livermore (Dept. of Energy)Livermore 
BNSF Railroad Police DepartmentLong Beach 
Long Beach Disaster Management DivisionLong Beach 
Long Beach Fire DepartmentLong Beach 
Long Beach JTTF Annex (FBI)Long Beachx
Long Beach Police Department Office of Counter Terrorism (OCT)Long Beachx
Long Beach Resident Agency (Defense)Long Beach 
Long Beach Resident Agency (FBI)Long Beach 
Los Angeles / Long Beach JTTF (Coast Guard, FBI)Long Beachx
Port of Long Beach Fusion CenterLong Beachx
Resident Agent in Charge - Los Angeles (ICE)Long Beach 
SAC Los Angeles / SAC Long Beach (ICE)Long Beach 
S. Pacific Customs Management CenterLong Beach 
9th Civil Support Team (Nat'l Guard)Los Alamitosx
Los Alamitos Resident Office (Military Intel.)Los Alamitos 
AFOSI Det 110 (Air Force)Los Angeles 
AFOSI Det 301 OL-B (Air Force)Los Angeles 
ASAC LAX Airport (ICE)Los Angeles 
Calif. Central Dist. Criminal Div. Nat'l Sec. Section (U.S. Attorney)Los Angeles 
Central District of Calif. ATAC (U.S. Attorney)Los Angelesx
Field Operating Base (FOB) Los Angeles (OBLA) (Defense Intel.)Los Angeles 
FIG Los Angeles Office of Intelligence(ICE)Los Angelesx
LAX Airport Resident Agency (FBI)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Threat Assessment UnitLos Angelesx
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Bureau of InvestigationsLos Angeles 
Los Angeles County Office of Emergency ManagementLos Angeles 
Los Angeles Division (Postal Inspection)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness DepartmentLos Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Division (ATF)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Division (Drug Enforcement)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Field OfficeLos Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Office (Diplomatic Sec.)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Office (FBI)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Office (ICE)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Field Office (Military Intel.)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Fire DepartmentLos Angeles 
Los Angeles HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles International Airport Police DepartmentLos Angeles 
Los Angeles JTTF 308th Military Intelligence Battalion LiaisonLos Angeles 
Los Angeles JTTF / California JTTF (FBI)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Satellite Office (ATF)Los Angeles 
Protective Security Advisor Los Angeles District (DHS)Los Angelesx
USAO Central District of California (U.S. Attorney)Los Angeles 
USMS Central District of California (Marshals)Los Angeles 
USSS Los Angeles (Secret Service)Los Angeles 
AFOSI Det 119 OL-A (Air Force)March ARB 
AFOSI Det 325 OL-C (Air Force)March ARB 
DSS Resident Office – March Air Reserve Base (Defense Sec.)March ARB 
Calif. Office of Emergency Services Law Enforcement BranchMather 
DCIS Western Field Office (Defense)Mission Viejo 
Mission Viejo Resident Agency (Defense)Mission Viejo 
Modesto Police DepartmentModesto 
Ames Safeguards and Counterintelligence Office (NASA)Moffett Field 
Montclair Police DepartmentMontclair 
Monterey CID Office (U.S. Army)Monterey 
Monterey Resident Office (Military Intel.)Monterey 
NCIS Resident Unit Monterey (Navy)Monterey 
Los Angeles County Sheriffs DepartmentMonterey Park 
Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning GroupMonterey Park 
Moreno Valley Emergency ServicesMoreno Valley 
Murrieta Police DepartmentMurrieta 
Murrieta Station (Border Patrol)Murrieta 
NCIS Resident Agency Lemoore (Navy)NAS Lemoore 
Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) / Los Angeles RTTAC (FBI, Sheriff, Police Dept.)Norwalkx
Alameda County Sheriff's OfficeOakland 
Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART Police)Oakland 
Defense Nuclear Counterintelligence Calif. (Dept. of Energy)Oakland 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office San FranciscoOaklandx
FEMA Region IXOakland 
Northern California IRS Criminal Investigation, Oakland Field OfficeOakland 
Oakland Office of Emergency ServicesOakland 
Oakland Police DepartmentOakland 
Oakland Resident Agency (FBI)Oakland 
Oakland Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Oakland 
Oakland Satellite Office (ATF)Oakland 
Resident Agent in Charge - San Francisco (ICE)Oakland 
SAC San Francisco (ICE)Oakland 
San Francisco Resident Agency (Defense Sec.)Oakland 
RAC Oceanside (ICE)Oceanside 
Ontario Police DepartmentOntario 
California Fire Chiefs AssociationOroville 
DSS Resident Office - Air Force Plant 42 (Defense Sec.)Palmdale 
Palm Springs Police DepartmentPalm Springs 
Palm Springs Resident Agency (FBI)Palm Springs 
Palo Alto Resident Agency (FBI)Palo Alto 
Pasadena Field Office (Defense Sec.)Pasadena 
NCIS Resident Agency Ventura (Navy)Port Hueneme 
RAC Redding (ICE)Redding 
Redding Office (Drug Enforcement)Redding 
Redding Resident Agency (FBI)Redding 
Redding Satellite Office (ATF)Redding 
Redlands Police DepartmentRedlands 
Redondo Beach Police DepartmentRedondo Beach 
San Mateo County Sheriff's OfficeRedwood Cityx
ASAC Riverside/San Bernardino (ICE)Riverside 
Inland Empire JTTF / Inland Empire Terrorism Early Warning Group / Riverside JTTF Annex (FBI)Riversidex
Riverside Aviation Operations (Customs)Riverside 
Riverside County Fire Department Office of Emergency ServicesRiverside 
Riverside County Sheriff's DepartmentRiversidex
Riverside District Office (Drug Enforcement)Riverside 
Riverside Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Riverside 
Riverside Police DepartmentRiverside 
Riverside Resident Agency (FBI)Riverside 
Riverside Satellite Office (ATF)Riverside 
Riverside Sheriff's DepartmentRiverside 
Riverside Station (Border Patrol)Riverside 
UC Riverside Police DepartmentRiverside 
USSS Riverside (Secret Service)Riverside 
ASAC Sacramento (ICE)Sacramento 
ATAC Eastern District of Calif. (U.S. Attorney)Sacramentox
Calif. Department of Motor VehiclesSacramento 
Calif. Dept. of Justice Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence (BII)Sacramento 
Calif. Emergency Management Agency (CAL-EMA)Sacramentox
Calif. Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center (ENTAC) / State Emergency Operations CenterSacramentox
Calif. JFHQ, Headquarters and Headquarters DetachmentSacramentox
Calif. Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit Central Coordinating AgencySacramento 
Calif. Maritime Security Council (CMSC)Sacramentox
Calif. Office of Homeland Security (CAL-EMA)Sacramentox
California Adjutant General (TAG)Sacramento 
California Air National GuardSacramento 
California Army National GuardSacramento 
California Department of JusticeSacramento 
California Highway PatrolSacramento 
California National GuardSacramento 
California Office of Emergency ServicesSacramento 
California Police Chief’s AssociationSacramento 
California State Citizen Corps CouncilSacramentox
California State Sheriff’s AssociationSacramento 
California Utilities Emergency AssociationSacramentox
Calif. State Strategic Committee on Terrorism (SSCOT)Sacramento 
Calif. State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (Calif. Dept. of Justice, Homeland Sec., Highway Patrol))Sacramentox
Central California Intelligence Center (formerly Sacramento Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (Sheriff)Sacramentox
Protective Security Advisor Sacramento District (DHS)Sacramentox
RISS Intelligence CenterSacramento 
Sacramento Aviation Operations (Customs)Sacramento 
Sacramento Division (FBI)Sacramento 
Sacramento Field Office (ATF)Sacramento 
Sacramento Field Office (Drug Enforcement)Sacramento 
Sacramento JTTF (FBI)Sacramentox
Sacramento Post of Duty (Defense)Sacramento 
Sacramento Sheriff's DepartmentSacramentox
USAO Eastern District of California (U.S. Attorney)Sacramento 
USMS Eastern District of California (Marshals)Sacramento 
USSS Sacramento (Secret Service)Sacramento 
Western States Information Network (Fusion)Sacramento 
Modesto Resident Agency (FBI)Salida 
San Bernardino Police DepartmentSan Bernardino 
San Bernardino Sheriff's DepartmentSan Bernardino 
San Clemente Station (Border Patrol)San Clemente 
AFOSI Det 110 OL-B (Air Force)San Diego 
AFOSI Det 119 (Air Force)San Diego 
Associate SAC - San Diego (ICE)San Diego 
ATAC Southern District of San Diego (U.S. Attorney)San Diegox
Calif. Southwest Border HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)San Diego 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office San DiegoSan Diegox
FIG San Diego Office of Intelligence(ICE)San Diegox
Fleet Forces Command West / 3rd Fleet (NORTHCOM)San Diegox
NCIS Polygraph Site San Diego (Navy)San Diego 
NCIS Resident Agency Miramar (Navy)San Diego 
NCIS Southwest Field Office (Navy)San Diego 
NCIS Staatpac San Diego (Navy)San Diego 
NCIS Western Region (Navy)San Diego 
North Island Coastal Site (Customs)San Diego 
Protective Security Advisor San Diego District (DHS)San Diegox
SAC San Diego (ICE)San Diego 
San Diego Coastal Site (Customs)San Diego 
San Diego County Office of Emergency ServicesSan Diego 
San Diego County Sheriff's DepartmentSan Diegox
San Diego Division (FBI)San Diego 
San Diego Field Division (Drug Enforcement)San Diego 
San Diego Field Office (Defense Sec.)San Diego 
San Diego Field Office (ICE)San Diego 
San Diego Field Office (Postal Inspection)San Diego 
San Diego Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)San Diego 
San Diego Fraud Resident Agency (U.S. Army)San Diego 
San Diego JTTF (FBI)San Diegox
San Diego NZY Aviation Operations (Customs)San Diego 
San Diego Office of Homeland SecuritySan Diegox
San Diego Public Safety and Homeland SecuritySan Diego 
San Diego Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center / San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC) / San Diego Fusion Center (Sheriff)San Diegox
San Diego Resident Agency (Defense)San Diego 
San Diego Resident Office (Diplomatic Sec.)San Diego 
San Diego Satellite Office (ATF)San Diego 
San Diego SDM Aviation Operations (Customs)San Diego 
San Diego Sector, Calif. (Border Patrol)San Diego 
San Diego State University Police DepartmentSan Diegox
S. Calif. Customs Management CenterSan Diego 
USAO Southern District of California (U.S. Attorney)San Diego 
USMS Southern District of California (Marshals)San Diego 
USSS San Diego (Secret Service)San Diego 
Western Regional Office (Defense Security Service)San Diego 
AFOSI Det 303 San Francisco JTTF (Air Force)San Francisco 
ATAC Northern District of Calif. (U.S. Attorney)San Franciscox
Bay Area Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)San Francisco 
FIG San Francisco Office of Intelligence(ICE)San Franciscox
FPS Region 9-San Francisco, California (Fed. Protective Service)San Francisco 
Mid Pacific Customs Management CenterSan Francisco 
N. Calif. HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)San Francisco 
Northern Calif. Regional Intel. Center (NCRIC) / Northern Calif. Regional Terror. Threat Assessment Center (FBI)San Franciscox
Protective Security Advisor San Francisco District (DHS)San Franciscox
RAC San Francisco IAP (ICE)San Francisco 
San Francisco Department of Emergency ManagementSan Francisco 
San Francisco Division (FBI)San Francisco 
San Francisco Division (Postal Inspection)San Francisco 
San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)San Francisco 
San Francisco Field Division (Drug Enforcement)San Francisco 
San Francisco Field Office (ICE)San Francisco 
San Francisco Field Office / Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence (Diplomatic Sec.)San Francisco 
San Francisco Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)San Francisco 
San Francisco Fire DepartmentSan Francisco 
San Francisco Fraud Resident Agency (U.S. Army)San Francisco 
San Francisco JTTF (Coast Guard, FBI)San Franciscox
San Francisco JTTF (FBI)San Francisco 
San Francisco Police DepartmentSan Francisco 
San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD)San Francisco 
USAO Northern District of California (U.S. Attorney)San Francisco 
USMS Northern District of California (Marshals)San Francisco 
USSS San Francisco (Secret Service)San Francisco 
ASAC San Jose (ICE)San Jose 
San Jose Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)San Jose 
San Jose Satellite Office (ATF)San Jose 
Santa Clara County Office of Emergency ServicesSan Jose 
Santa Clara County Office of the SheriffSan Josex
Santa Clara Valley Intelligence Unit (SCVIU)San Jose 
USSS San Jose (Secret Service)San Jose 
Los Angeles Port PoliceSan Pedro 
San Rafael Resident Agency (FBI)San Rafael 
ASAC Orange County (ICE)Santa Ana 
Orange County District Attorney's OfficeSanta Ana 
Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC)Santa Anax
Orange County JTTF / Santa Ana JTTF Annex (FBI)Santa Anax
Orange County Sheriff's DepartmentSanta Ana 
Santa Ana Office (Drug Enforcement)Santa Ana 
Santa Ana Police Department Homeland Security DivisionSanta Anax
Santa Ana Resident Agency (FBI)Santa Ana 
Santa Ana Satellite Office (ATF)Santa Ana 
Southern California IRS Criminal Investigation, Los Angeles Field OfficeSanta Ana 
USSS Santa Ana (Secret Service)Santa Ana 
Santa Maria Resident Agency (FBI)Santa Maria 
Santa Maria Satellite Office (ATF)Santa Maria 
Santa Rosa Office (Drug Enforcement)Santa Rosa 
Santa Rosa Resident Agency (FBI)Santa Rosa 
Santa Rosa Satellite Office - Industry Operations (ATF)Santa Rosa 
DSAC San Ysidro (ICE)San Ysidro 
San Ysidro Office (Drug Enforcement)San Ysidro 
NCIS Resident Agency Los Angeles (Navy)Seal Beach 
Simi Valley Office of Emergency ServicesSimi Valley 
South Lake Tahoe Resident Agency (FBI)South Lake Tahoe 
Stanford Site Office (Dept. of Energy)Stanford 
RAC Stockton (ICE)Stockton 
Stockton Resident Agency (FBI)Stockton 
Stockton Satellite Office (ATF)Stockton 
AFOSI Det 804 OL-A (Air Force)Sunnyvale 
Sunnyvale Field Office (Defense Sec.)Sunnyvale 
Torrance Police DepartmentTorrance 
AFOSI Det 303 (Air Force)Travis AFB 
AFOSI Region 7, 1st Field Invest. Squadron (Air Force)Travis AFB 
NCIS Resident Agency Twentynine Palms (Navy)Twentynine Palms 
Upland Police DepartmentUpland 
Valencia Resident Agency (DCIS)Valencia 
AFOSI Det 804 (Air Force)Vandenberg AFB 
Van Nuys Satellite Office (ATF)Van Nuys 
USSS Ventura (Secret Service)Ventura 
Ventura County Sheriff's DepartmentVentura 
Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency ServicesVentura 
Ventura Office (Drug Enforcement)Ventura 
Ventura Resident Agency (FBI)Ventura 
Victorville Resident Agency (FBI)Victorville 
Monterey Bay Resident Agency (FBI)Watsonville 
West Covina Resident Agency (FBI)West Covina 
West Los Angeles Satellite Office (Diplomatic Sec.)West Los Angeles 

History demonstrates that devastating terrorist acts can occur on United States soil. Terrorist acts have inflicted thousands of fatalities and injuries, major property loss, and significant disruption to normal life-support systems and commerce. The City of Los Angeles is the second largest City in the United States and the largest City in the Western portion of the Country. For this reason, Los Angeles has been identified as a prime target for terrorism. Numerous high profile targets exist throughout the City making Los Angeles very vulnerable to an attack.”

Source: City of Los Angeles Hazard Mitigation Plan

California is the largest agricultural supplier in the Nation, producing over 50 percent of its fresh fruits and vegetables and over 20 percent of its milk supply. California farm and ranch producers' gross cash receipts are over $31 billion which is more than the country's number two and three producers combined. Millions of dollars in agricultural products flow through our State's land, sea, and airports annually. These factors combine to make California a particularly inviting target for the intentional contamination of foods in our production and processing systems. The impact of such an attack would be staggering in terms of public health and the State economy.”

Source: State of California Homeland Security Strategy 2008

State-Recognized Threats:
Public SafetyEarthquakes; Extreme heat; Floods; Landslide and debris flow; Tsunamis; Wildfires
Domestic SecurityAnimal Liberation Front; Earth Liberation Front; Jamaat ul-Fuqra; Jamiyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh (JIS) radical prison group; White supremacists
Sourcing: Natural hazards are taken from DHS documents and State Emergency Operations Plans. Domestic terrorist threats are based upon U.S. government intelligence documents and actual attacks undertaken since 2001.

This project was last updated in September 2010. Data is accurate as of that date.
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