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Texas ranks second of 50 states in the number of domestically focused counterterrorism and homeland security organizations, and first overall in organizations established or newly involved in counterterrorism since 9/11. In dollar amount, the state ranked first in fiscal 2009 in federal homeland security spending and second in domestic preparedness and antiterrorism programs. Measured per capita, the state ranked 42nd in overall federal government expenditures.

U.S. intelligence and homeland security agencies and the Department of Justice measure the potential terrorist threat to Texas by analyzing data, including the following: * Texas had 26 terrorism-related convictions from Sept. 11, 2001, through March 2010, according to the Justice Department, and ranks seventh in the nation. * The state has five of the 64 urban metropolitan areas that have been designated by the federal government as "high-threat, high-density" with regard to acts of terrorism: Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington, Austin, El Paso and San Antonio. * One major terrorist plot related to Texas has been thwarted since 9/11: the Fountain Place office tower bomb plot in Dallas in 2009. * Texas is among the five states with the largest immigrant populations in the nation, a measure that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI associate with potential threats. In 2009, according to the DHS, Texas ranked second of all states (behind California) in unauthorized immigrant population, with an estimated 1.68 million unauthorized immigrants. * The intelligence community ranks Texas in the top 10 states with the largest Muslim populations, a measure that it applies to potential threats of homegrown terrorist involvement. * Texas experiences the largest number of "Special Interest Aliens" (from Lebanon, Iran and Somalia) crossing the Southwest border, according to U.S. intelligence agencies. Texas created a Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Houston in 1987, the second in the nation, after New York City's. Today the state hosts the most JTTFs, with 16, and has five active state-level fusion centers, with a sixth, the Southwest Texas Regional Fusion Center (SWTRFC) in San Antonio, slated to begin operations in November 2010. On Oct. 1, 2001, Gov. Rick Perry created a Governor’s Task Force on Homeland Security. Today's Texas Homeland Security Council (THSC) is responsible for statewide planning, coordination and communication for homeland security preparedness. It has a number of subordinate councils, including the Texas Critical Infrastructure Protection Council (CIPC) and the Texas Intelligence Council (TIC). Texas's border challenges are significant, and the state consistently leads the nation in the volume of cocaine seizures. The federal government maintains an extensive and growing domestic intelligence apparatus in the state, including the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), the Drug Enforcement Administration's nationwide tactical fusion center focused on drug, weapon and illegal immigrant smuggling. The EPIC was founded in 1974 and now has more than 300 personnel and liaison officers from 15 agencies, including Texas state and local authorities and the U.S. military. More recently the FBI has established its own Southwest Intelligence Group (SWIG) in El Paso, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has established a Border Violence Intelligence Cell (BVIC). In August 2010, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) began flying unmanned Predator reconnaissance drones over the southern border from Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. NORTHCOM's Joint Task Force North (JTF North), also based in El Paso at Biggs Army Airfield, was formed after 9/11 out of the JTF-6, a command established during the Reagan era to provide the military arm for the drug war. Today, JTF North is tasked with providing military support to federal law enforcement agencies in the identification and interdiction of all suspected transnational threats to North America, and as such is the U.S. military's primary day-to-day domestic operational command. U.S. Army North (ARNORTH), the land component command of NORTHCOM, is headquartered at Fort Sam Houston; it oversees JTF North and is the military's domestic operational authority for weapons of mass destruction response and all counter-drug/counter-narcoterrorism functions.

State security snapshot

Organizations working on homeland security and counterterrorism: 324

Organizations that started this work after 9/11: 63

80.6% Pre-9/11

19.4% Post-9/11

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Texas is located in FEMA Region VI; the Defense Coordinating Office responsible for brokering and arranging federal military support for the state is in Denton.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Includes organizations at the federal, state and local levels that have the police powers to make arrests and investigate criminal matters.
Emergency Management
Emergency Management
Organizations tasked with responding to natural disasters, attacks using weapons of mass destruction and other emergencies.
Homeland Security
Homeland Security
Organizations responsible for activities -- such as infrastructure protection, border control and planning for the aftermath of terrorist attacks -- handled mainly by the Department of Homeland Security.
Organizations, such as the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces, that work exclusively on terrorism cases.
Joint Terrorism Task Force
A multiagency task force, run by the FBI, that has the lead in investigating terrorism within the United States.
Intelligence and Fusion
Organizations that collect, analyze and share information about domestic threats.
Fusion Centers
Fusion Center
A place where information from multiple agencies in a state or region is sent to be analyzed.
Totals 2871720324


  • Counterterrorism

    Texas has the most Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) in the nation with 16, one in each of the four FBI field offices (Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio) and 12 JTTF annexes: Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, Bryan, Conroe, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Lubbock, McAllen, Midland, Plano and Texas City. The U.S. attorney chairs Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils (ATACs) in Beaumont, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

  • Intelligence

    Texas is a member of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) and the Navy-sponsored Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX). The state is also a member of the Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST), an ICE-led initiative, begun in 2006, designed to increase the flow of information between participating agencies regarding transnational criminal organizations and violent gangs operating along the southern border. In 2010, the Houston Police Department was designated as one of 12 state agencies to participate in the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative. The Houston Police Department's counterterrorism and homeland security efforts include specialized response units, and the department operates a regional fusion center, co-located with Houston's emergency operations center. At the federal level, Texas hosts more than a dozen intelligence groups. The FBI operates Field Intelligence Groups (FIGs) in Dallas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio. Texas has four ICE Field Intelligence Groups: FIG Houston has jurisdiction for southeastern Texas; FIG San Antonio has jurisdiction for south-central Texas; FIG El Paso has jurisdiction for southwestern Texas and New Mexico; and FIG Dallas has jurisdiction for north Texas and Oklahoma. The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), founded in 1974, a component of the Drug Enforcement Administration and one of four designated national counter-drug intelligence centers, is one of the largest federal fusion centers in the country, with a narco-terrorism focus. Twenty-one agencies maintain staff at the EPIC. As of August 2009, the EPIC had 343 investigative, analytic and support staff members on site. One hundred and sixty were from the Justice Department, 81 were from other federal agencies, six were from state and local agencies, and 96 were contractors. In January 2008, ICE launched the Border Violence Intelligence Cell (BVIC) in El Paso to serve as a central point for gathering and disseminating strategic intelligence on border violence, cross-border weapons smuggling, drug trafficking and other crimes at the border. In 2009, the FBI created a Southwest Intelligence Group, located in the same building as the EPIC, to serve as a clearinghouse for all intelligence related to Mexico and to provide analysis relating to crime along the border. Three High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task forces also perform criminal intelligence analysis: The Houston HIDTA for the metropolitan area and southeast Texas; the Southwest Border HIDTA in El Paso for the borders areas of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California; and the North Texas HIDTA in Irving for parts of northern Texas and Oklahoma. The Coast Guard operates a Central-East Texas/Southwest Louisiana Sector Fusion Center that monitors maritime intelligence.

  • Fusion

    Texas has five fusion centers and a sixth under development: The statewide Texas Fusion Center (TxFC) in Austin, established in 2004, is a component of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and is the state-designated fusion center and hub of data collation and analysis, connecting more than 1,500 of the 2,500 law enforcement jurisdictions in Texas. The Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC), established in 2009 and located in north Austin, focuses on regional criminal and terrorist threats in Hays, Travis and Williamson counties. It was fully operational in October 2010. The North Central Texas Fusion Center (NTFC), established in 2006, is an all-crimes and all-hazards center that supports homeland security, counterterrorism, emergency response and investigations in its region. The Metro Operations Support and Analytical Intelligence Center (MOSAIC) (also known as the Dallas Fusion Center) was established in 2007 for the Dallas area. The MOSAIC acquired full staffing and expanded to 24/7 operations in mid-2008 and focuses on counterterrorism and critical-infrastructure protection. The Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center, a component of the Houston Police Department, covers the Houston metropolitan area. The first phase of the Southwest Texas Regional Fusion Center (SWTRFC) in San Antonio was scheduled to activate in November 2010.

  • Homeland Security

    The Texas Office of Homeland Security (OHS), established in 2003, has the mission to protect Texans, as well as the state's critical infrastructure and key resources, from all threats. The OHS appoints and maintains three interagency homeland security and intelligence councils that advise the governor on emergency preparedness and security issues: the Texas Homeland Security Council (THSC), the Texas Critical Infrastructure Protection Council (CIPC) and the Texas Intelligence Council (TIC). To assist in critical-infrastructure protection (CIP), DHS Protective Security Advisors are located in Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio, and one of nine national DHS CIP Teams is located in Texas to conduct assessments of selected critical assets. The Federal Protective Service (FPS) Region 7 headquarters is located in Grand Prairie.

  • Law Enforcement

    The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the statewide law enforcement agency. It includes a Criminal Law Enforcement Division focused on narcotics trafficking, organized crime and motor vehicle theft; a Highway Patrol Division responsible for general law enforcement; and the Texas Ranger Division, responsible for criminal and special investigations and assistance to local law enforcement officials. The FBI's Dallas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio field offices operate resident agencies and satellite offices in Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Fort Worth, Frisco, Lubbock, Lufkin, Midland, San Angelo, Sherman, Tyler, Wichita Falls, Beaumont, Bryan, Conroe, Corpus Christi, Texas City, Victoria, Austin, Brownsville, Del Rio, Laredo, McAllen and Waco.

  • Emergency Management

    The Texas Division of Emergency Management, part of the Department of Public Safety, is the state agency for coordinating disaster/emergency preparedness.

Sourcing: Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and state government documents.
OrganizationCityStarted since 9/11
Big Bend Sub-Station (Border Patrol)  
Presidio Station (Border Patrol)  
Rio Grande Valley Coastal Site (Customs)  
Rio Grande Valley Sector, Tex. (Border Patrol)  
Sierra Blanca Station (Border Patrol)  
Abilene Resident Agency (FBI)Abilene 
Abilene Station (Border Patrol)Abilene 
Bracketville Station (Border Patrol)Abilene 
RA Abilene (ICE)Abilene 
DCMA Special Programs South (Defense)Addison 
Alpine Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Alpine 
Alpine Station (Border Patrol)Alpine 
RAC Alpine (ICE)Alpine 
Amarillo Post of Duty (Drug Enforcement)Amarillo 
Amarillo Resident Agency (FBI)Amarillo 
Amarillo Sub-Station (Border Patrol)Amarillo 
RA Amarillo (ICE)Amarillo 
AFOSI Det 118 (Air Force)Arlington 
AFOSI Det 709 (AFOSI Det 110 OL-L?) (Air Force)Arlington 
Dallas Fraud Resident Agency (U.S. Army)Arlington 
Dallas Resident Agency (Defense)Arlington 
DCIS Southwest Field Office (Defense)Arlington 
NCIS Resident Agency Dallas (Navy)Arlington 
Southwest Fraud Field Office (Air Force)Arlington 
6th Civil Support Team (Nat'l Guard)Austinx
Austin Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Austin 
Austin JTTF 308th Military Intelligence Battalion LiaisonAustinx
Austin JTTF Annex / North Tex. JTTF (FBI)Austinx
Austin Police DepartmentAustinx
Austin Post of Duty (Defense)Austin 
Austin Regional Intelligence CenterAustinx
Austin Resident Agency (FBI)Austin 
Austin Resident Office (Defense Sec.)Austin 
Austin Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Austin 
Austin Satellite Office (ATF)Austin 
Governor's Office of Homeland SecurityAustinx
HIDTA Post Seizure Analysis Team (Nat'l Drug Control)Austin 
RAC Austin (ICE)Austin 
Texas Adjutant General (TAG)Austin 
Texas Air National GuardAustin 
Texas Army National GuardAustin 
Texas Department of Public SafetyAustin 
Texas Division of Emergency ManagementAustin 
Texas State Citizen CorpsAustinx
Tex. Intel. Center / Tex. Fusion Center (Dept. of Public Safety)Austin 
Tex. Joint Counterdrug Task ForceAustin 
Travis County Sheriff's OfficeAustinx
University of Texas at Austin Police DepartmentAustinx
USSS Austin (Secret Service)Austin 
ATAC Eastern District of Tex. (U.S. Attorney)Beaumontx
Beaumont JTTF Annex (FBI)Beaumontx
Beaumont JTTF (Coast Guard, FBI)Beaumontx
Beaumont Resident Agency (FBI)Beaumont 
Beaumont Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Beaumont 
Beaumont Satellite Office (ATF)Beaumont 
RAC Beaumont (ICE)Beaumont 
USAO Eastern District of Texas (U.S. Attorney)Beaumont 
USMS Eastern District of Texas (Marshals)Beaumont 
ASAC Brownsville (ICE)Brownsville 
Brownsville Coastal Site (Customs)Brownsville 
Brownsville JTTF (FBI)Brownsvillex
Brownsville Resident Agency (FBI)Brownsville 
Brownsville Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Brownsville 
Brownsville Station (Border Patrol)Brownsville 
Cameron County Homeland Security & Emergency ManagementBrownsvillex
Bryan JTTF Annex (FBI)Bryanx
Bryan Police Department Criminal Intelligence UnitBryanx
Bryan Resident Agency (FBI)Bryan 
Carrizo Springs Station (Border Patrol)Carrizo Springs 
Conroe JTTF Annex (FBI)Conroex
Conroe Resident Agency (FBI)Conroe 
Montgomery County Sheriff's OfficeConroe 
Corpus Christi Aviation Operations (Customs)Corpus Christi 
Corpus Christi JTTF Annex (FBI)Corpus Christix
Corpus Christi Resident Agency (FBI)Corpus Christi 
Corpus Christi Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Corpus Christi 
Corpus Christi Satellite Office (ATF)Corpus Christi 
Corpus Christi Station (Border Patrol)Corpus Christi 
NCIS Resident Agency Corpus Christi (Navy)Corpus Christi 
RAC Corpus Christi (ICE)Corpus Christi 
Cotulla Station (Border Patrol)Cotulla 
AFOSI Det 110 OL-H (Air Force)Dallas 
ATAC Northern District of Tex. (U.S. Attorney)Dallasx
Dallas Division (FBI)Dallas 
Dallas Field Division (ATF)Dallas 
Dallas Field Division (Drug Enforcement)Dallas 
Dallas Field OfficeDallas 
Dallas Field Office (ATF)Dallas 
Dallas Field Office (ICE)Dallas 
Dallas Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Dallas 
Dallas IRS Criminal Investigation, Dallas Field OfficeDallas 
Dallas JTTF 308th Military Intelligence Battalion LiaisonDallas 
Dallas JTTF (FBI)Dallas 
Dallas Police DepartmentDallas 
Dallas Resident Office (Diplomatic Sec.)Dallas 
Dallas Station (Border Patrol)Dallas 
FIG Dallas Office of Intelligence(ICE)Dallasx
Metro Operations Support and Analytical Intelligence Center (MOSAIC)Dallasx
North Tex. Electronic Crimes Trask Force (Secret Service)Dallas 
Protective Security Advisor Dallas District (DHS)Dallasx
SAC Dallas (ICE)Dallas 
USAO Northern District of Texas (U.S. Attorney)Dallas 
USMS Northern District of Texas (Marshals)Dallas 
Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport Resident Agency (FBI)Dallas/Fort Worth Airport 
Del Rio Aviation Operations (Customs)Del Rio 
Del Rio Post of Duty (Drug Enforcement)Del Rio 
Del Rio Resident Agency (FBI)Del Rio 
Del Rio Riverine Site (Customs)Del Rio 
Del Rio Sector (Border Patrol)Del Rio 
Del Rio Station (Border Patrol)Del Rio 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office Del RioDel Riox
RAC Del Rio (ICE)Del Rio 
Defense Coordinating Officer/Element FEMA Region VI (NORTHCOM)Dentonx
FEMA Region 6, MERSDenton 
FEMA Region IVDenton 
AFOSI Det 222 (Air Force)Dyess AFB 
Eagle Pass Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Eagle Pass 
Eagle Pass Station (Border Patrol)Eagle Pass 
RAC Eagle Pass (ICE)Eagle Pass 
Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)El Paso 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office El PasoEl Pasox
El Paso County Sheriff's OfficeEl Paso 
El Paso Division (FBI)El Paso 
El Paso Field Division (Drug Enforcement)El Paso 
El Paso Field Office (ICE)El Paso 
El Paso JTTF (FBI)El Pasox
El Paso Post of Duty (Defense)El Paso 
El Paso Satellite Office (ATF)El Paso 
El Paso Sector, Tex. (Border Patrol)El Paso 
FIG El Paso Office of Intelligence(ICE)El Pasox
Protective Security Advisor El Paso District (DHS)El Pasox
SAC El Paso (ICE)El Paso 
SAC West (ICE)El Paso 
Southwest Border HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)El Paso 
Texas Resident Office (Defense Sec.)El Paso 
USSS El Paso (Secret Service)El Paso 
W. Tex. and N.M. Customs Management Center (Customs)El Paso 
W. Tex. Regional HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)El Paso 
RAC Falcon Dam (ICE)Falcon Dam 
Falfurrias Station (Border Patrol)Falfurrias 
Fort Brown Station (Border Patrol)Fort Brown 
Fort Stockton Station (Border Patrol)Fort Stockton 
AFOSI Det 325 OL-F (Air Force)Fort Worth 
Fort Worth Division (Postal Inspection)Fort Worth 
Fort Worth Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Fort Worth 
Fort Worth Satellite Office/Industry Operations (ATF)Fort Worth 
Ft. Worth Resident Agency (FBI)Fort Worth 
Freer Station (Border Patrol)Freer 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office DallasFriscox
Frisco Resident Agency (FBI)Frisco 
Fort Bliss CID Office (U.S. Army)Ft. Bliss 
Fort Bliss Resident Office (Military Intel.)Ft. Bliss 
Joint Task Force North (JTF-N) (NORTHCOM)Ft. Blissx
11th Military Police Battalion (CID) (U.S. Army)Ft. Hood 
38th Military Police Detachment (CID) (U.S. Army)Ft. Hood 
43rd Military Police Detachment (CID) (U.S. Army)Ft. Hood 
Fort Hood Resident Office (Military Intel.)Ft. Hood 
Army Forces Northern Command (ARNORTH) (NORTHCOM)Ft. Sam Houstonx
Fort Sam Houston CID Office (U.S. Army)Ft. Sam Houston 
Galveston Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Galveston 
RAC Galveston (ICE)Galveston 
Georgetown Police DepartmentGeorgetownx
Williamson County Sheriff's OfficeGeorgetownx
AFOSI Det 408 (Air Force)Goodfellow AFB 
FPS Region 7-Grand Prairie, Texas (Fed. Protective Service)Grand Prairie 
ASAC Harlingen (ICE)Harlingen 
Harlingen Station (Border Patrol)Harlingen 
Hebbronville Station (Border Patrol)Hebbronville 
ATAC Southern District of Tex. (U.S. Attorney)Houstonx
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office HoustonHoustonx
E. Tex. Customs Management CenterHouston 
FIG Houston Office of Intelligence(ICE)Houstonx
Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency ManagementHoustonx
Harris County Sheriff's OfficeHouston 
Houston Coastal Site (Customs)Houston 
Houston Division (Postal Inspection)Houston 
Houston Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Houston 
Houston Field Division (ATF)Houston 
Houston Field Division (Drug Enforcement)Houston 
Houston Field OfficeHouston 
Houston Field Office (Diplomatic Sec.)Houston 
Houston Field Office (FBI)Houston 
Houston Field Office (ICE)Houston 
Houston Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Houston 
Houston HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)Houston 
Houston HITEC Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Houston 
Houston IRS Criminal Investigation, Houston Field OfficeHouston 
Houston JTTF (Coast Guard, FBI)Houstonx
Houston JTTF (FBI)Houstonx
Houston - Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland SecurityHoustonx
Houston Metro PoliceHouston 
Houston Police DepartmentHouston 
Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center (HRISC)Houstonx
Houston Resident Agency (Defense)Houston 
Houston Resident Office (Defense Sec.)Houston 
Johnson Space Center (NASA)Houston 
Protective Security Advisor Houston District (DHS)Houstonx
SAC Houston (ICE)Houston 
USAO Southern District of Texas (U.S. Attorney)Houston 
USMS Southern District of Texas (Marshals)Houston 
USSS Houston (Secret Service)Houston 
Dallas N-Tec Electronic Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)Irving 
Irving Field Office (Defense Sec.)Irving 
N. Tex. HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)Irving 
SAC Dallas (ICE)Irving 
Southern Regional Office (Defense)Irving 
USSS Irving (Secret Service)Irving 
Kingsville Station (Border Patrol)Kingsville 
AFOSI 3 FIS (Air Force)Lackland AFB 
AFOSI 3 FIS Anti-Terrorism Speciality Flight (Air Force)Lackland AFBx
AFOSI 3 FIS Surveillance Detection Flight (Air Force)Lackland AFB 
AFOSI Det 352 (Air Force)Lackland AFB 
AFOSI Det 409 (Air Force)Lackland AFB 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office LaredoLaredox
DSAC Laredo (ICE)Laredo 
Laredo Aviation Operations (Customs)Laredo 
Laredo District Office (Drug Enforcement)Laredo 
Laredo JTTF Annex (FBI)Laredox
Laredo North Station (Border Patrol)Laredo 
Laredo Resident Agency (FBI)Laredo 
Laredo Riverine Site (ICE)Laredo 
Laredo Satellite Office (ATF)Laredo 
Laredo Sector, Tex. (Border Patrol)Laredo 
Laredo South Station (Border Patrol)Laredo 
Laredo West Station (Border Patrol)Laredo 
S. Tex. Customs Management CenterLaredo 
AFOSI Det 410 (Air Force)Laughlin AFB 
Lubbock JTTF Annex (FBI)Lubbockx
Lubbock Resident Agency (FBI)Lubbock 
Lubbock Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Lubbock 
Lubbock Satellite Office/ Industry Operations (ATF)Lubbock 
Lubbock Station (Border Patrol)Lubbock 
RA Lubbock (ICE)Lubbock 
USSS Lubbock (Secret Service)Lubbock 
Lufkin Resident Agency (FBI)Lufkin 
Marfa Aviation Operatios (Customs)Marfa 
Marfa Riverine Site (Customs)Marfa 
Marfa Sector, Tex. (Border Patrol)Marfa 
Marfa Station (Border Patrol)Marfa 
ASAC McAllen (ICE)McAllen 
DHS Office of Investigations Field Office McAllenMcAllenx
McAllen Aviation Operations (Customs)McAllen 
McAllen District Office (Drug Enforcement)McAllen 
McAllen JTTF Annex (FBI)McAllenx
McAllen Resident Agency (FBI)McAllen 
McAllen Satellite Office/Industry Operations (ATF)McAllen 
McAllen Station (Border Patrol)McAllen 
USSS McAllen (Secret Service)McAllen 
North Central Tex. Fusion Center (NTFC)McKinneyx
Midland JTTF Annex (FBI)Midlandx
Midland Resident Agency (FBI)Midland 
Midland Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Midland 
Midland Station (Border Patrol)Midland 
RA Midland (ICE)Midland 
AFOSI Det 118 JRB Ft. Worth (Air Force)NAS JRB Fort Worth 
Pasadena PolicePasadena 
Pecos Station (Border Patrol)Pecos 
Pfugerville Police DepartmentPfugervillex
Plano JTTF Annex (FBI)Planox
RAC Presidio (ICE)Presidio 
AFOSI 3 FIS Specialty Flight (Air Force)Randolph AFB 
AFOSI Det 409 OL-A (Air Force)Randolph AFB 
AFOSI Region 4 (Air Force)Randolph AFB 
University of Texas at Dallas Police DepartmentRichardsonx
Rio Grande City Station (Border Patrol)Rio Grande City 
Rocksprings Station (Border Patrol)Rocksprings 
Round Rock Police DepartmentRound Rockx
ASAC San Angelo (ICE)San Angelo 
San Angelo Aviation Operations (Customs)San Angelo 
San Angelo Resident Agency (FBI)San Angelo 
San Angelo Station (Border Patrol)San Angelo 
AFOSI Det 110 OL-M (Air Force)San Antonio 
AFOSI Det 253 (Air Force)San Antonio 
AFOSI Det 401 OL-A (Air Force)San Antonio 
AFOSI Det 409 OL-B (Air Force)San Antonio 
Associate SAC - San Antonio (ICE)San Antonio 
ATAC Western District of Tex. (U.S. Attorney)San Antoniox
FIG San Antonio Office of Intelligence(ICE)San Antoniox
Protective Security Advisor San Antonio District (DHS)San Antoniox
SAC San Antonio (ICE)San Antonio 
San Antonio Aviation Operations (Customs)San Antonio 
San Antonio District Office (Drug Enforcement)San Antonio 
San Antonio Field Office (ATF)San Antonio 
San Antonio Field Office (FBI)San Antonio 
San Antonio Field Office (FBI)San Antonio 
San Antonio Field Office (ICE)San Antonio 
San Antonio Financial Crimes Task Force (Secret Service)San Antonio 
San Antonio Fraud Resident Agency (U.S. Army)San Antonio 
San Antonio IRS Criminal Investigation, San Antonio Field Office (IRS)San Antonio 
San Antonio JTTF 308th Military Intelligence Battalion LiaisonSan Antoniox
San Antonio JTTF (FBI)San Antoniox
San Antonio Police DepartmentSan Antonio 
San Antonio Post of Duty (Defense)San Antonio 
San Antonio Resident Office (Defense Sec.)San Antonio 
San Antonio Station (Border Patrol)San Antonio 
S. Tex. HIDTA (Nat'l Drug Control)San Antonio 
USAO Western District of Texas (U.S. Attorney)San Antonio 
USMS Western District of Texas (Marshals)San Antonio 
USSS San Antonio (Secret Service)San Antonio 
Sanderson Station (Border Patrol)Sanderson 
Hays County Sheriff's OfficeSan Marcosx
San Marcos Police DepartmentSan Marcosx
AFOSI Det 411 (Air Force)Sheppard AFB 
Sherman Resident Agency (FBI)Sherman 
Texas City JTTF Annex (FBI)Texas Cityx
Texas City Resident Agency (FBI)Texas City 
Duty Station Tyler (ICE)Tyler 
Tyler Resident Agency (FBI)Tyler 
Tyler Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Tyler 
Tyler Satellite Office (ATF)Tyler 
USSS Tyler (Secret Service)Tyler 
Uvalde Aviation Operations (Customs)Uvalde 
Uvalde Station (Border Patrol)Uvalde 
Van Horn Station - VHT (Border Patrol)Van Horn 
Victoria Resident Agency (FBI)Victoria 
Waco Resident Agency (FBI)Waco 
Waco Resident Office (Drug Enforcement)Waco 
Waco Satellite Office (ATF)Waco 
Weslaco Station (Border Patrol)Weslaco 
Duty Station Wichita Falls (ICE)Wichita Falls 
Wichita Falls Resident Agency (FBI)Wichita Falls 
Tex. National Guard JFHQWyliex
Zapata Riverine Site (Border Patrol)Zapata 
Zapata Station (Border Patrol)Zapata 

Safeguarding the State of Texas is the most complex, demanding homeland security challenge in the nation. The state's vast size, immediate proximity to Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico, ever-growing population, demographic diversity, and unique role in the nation's economy combine to generate a homeland security challenge found nowhere else in America. ... Attacks against CI/KR [critical infrastructure and key resources] could have a significant impact on the economy or cripple transportation, trade, and commerce. Attacks on high-level and soft targets could result in high casualties, cause widespread panic, and deprive us of critical political or business leadership.”

Source: Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan, 2010-2015

State-Recognized Threats:
Public SafetyExtreme heat; Floods; Hurricanes; Thunderstorms; Tornadoes; Wildfires; Winter storms; Extreme cold
Domestic SecurityJamaat ul-Fuqra
Sourcing: Natural hazards are taken from DHS documents and State Emergency Operations Plans. Domestic terrorist threats are based upon U.S. government intelligence documents and actual attacks undertaken since 2001.

This project was last updated in September 2010. Data is accurate as of that date.
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